Saturday, December 8, 2007

When Vivian Met Alex O'Loughlin :)

Vivian, an awesome & loyal Moonlightfan blog reader, got to met the luscious Alex O'Loughlin at the recent Pole Position Toys for Tots event. She took the time to send me her photographs and enthusiastically written story. Graciously, she is allowing me to share with all of you too. :) By the way, click on the pictures above to get a bigger version of the images.

Photo #1 to #4 ~ I bet you recognize our Mick St John *wink*

Photo #5 ~ One of Vivian's lovely sisters with Alex O'Loughlin

Photo #6 ~ The sweet Vivian with Alex O'Loughlin ~ She doesn't look happy at all, does she? ha!

Her story......

First off though I just wanted to let you know the event turned out well. The minute Alex walked in the door we all converged on him. He didn’t stand a chance. LOL. He was so accommodating and accessible the whole day. He never said no to anyone asking for a picture or autograph. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a sit down autograph session like the others who attended but needless to say I was able to get him to sign one for me.

I didn’t really take as many photos as some others probably did. I did however get some video footage. I took the video for my sister who was ill and couldn’t make the event. She soooooo wanted to be there. Alex was a sweetheart and when I asked if he could send a special “get well” greeting for her, he didn’t hesitate. Needless to say, she was thrilled when I showed it to her, but it really wasn’t like being there.

This was the perfect setup for the chance to meet Alex. Not a huge crowd and like I said he was really accessible. He was probably overwhelmed of how many people were there and we were all there to see him. He had no security around him at all. It was perfect. Being in a larger situation, say like a “convention” it would probably be almost impossible to have a one-on-one with him like we had that day. It was just perfect !!!! Can’t believe I was able to be that close to him. He was just a sweetheart. Bet he was exhausted by the end of the day. He was actually there from about 9:10 a.m. to 2 pm.

Don't forget ~ there is still plenty of time to donate to the wonderful Toys for Tots organization!


wondergirl9847 said...

AWESOME photos!! Congrats to Vivian on meeting Alex! That was super sweet of him to send a message to her sister. What a great guy. :)

Evelin said...

Congrats Vivian!!
I'm so jealous of you. :D

Malaron said...

OMG. He is so tall. What an awesome guy to be polite and down to earth accessible!

Thanks for sharing Vivian. I live on the East Coast and it is nice to see real fan pictures!

Go Alex Go!!!! You are soooooo awesome!

Anonymous said...

The pics are beautiful. We are used to see Alex as a wonderful and generous man.

I have a question. Is it the same lady in both pictures (Vivian)? They look very different to me.

Thanks for sharing

Sign: TugaFanatic

Anonymous said...

Forget my post. Sorry I didn't read carefuly. The first is Vivian's sister.

Sorry, pls erase my previous comment

Thank you

Sign: TugaFanatic