Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moonlight's ratings from last night's Australian television debut

Moonlight premiered last night in Australia on Channel Nine. Its ratings ~ 696,000 viewers. The network paired it with ER (weird match) which rated 658,000 watchers. Since Moonlight grabbed more viewers than its lead-in, people must have switched channels just to watch it! Let's hope that is a good sign.

Another CBS show, Cane, was also on Australian television last night (Channel Ten) ~ 586,000 tuned in. NBC's 30 Rock (Network 7) only had 353,000 viewers. The top program was Vicar of Dibley (ABC) with 1,377,000.

I wanna urge all of our Aussie friends to watch Moonlight every week, and spread the word! :) It airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 on Channel Nine.


Lise said...

Sooooo exciting to see Moonlight on telly! I taped it (yeah on the old ancient video player), 3 minutes of adverts and 6 minutes of show! So good to see it knowing now that 600,000 odd were watching, but who could not be intrigued with the adverts they've been showing every 5 minutes the week leading up to it. Please Channel 9 do not do your usual thing and give it a couple of weeks and then put it to the graveyard shift! Thanks Kandye!
L x

Francesca said...

So happy to hear that Alex's fellow Aussies are supporting him and the show. Great Job!!!

I am sure it will do great!!!