Monday, December 3, 2007

Moonlight's Schedule for December

Moonlight's schedule for the month of December......

December 14th ~ Sleeping Beauty ~ Episode #1x10 ~ New

December 21st ~ No Such Thing as Vampires ~ Episode #1x01 ~ Pilot ~ Rerun

December 28th ~ Out of the Past ~ Episode #1x02 ~ Rerun

If we can just last until the 14th, we will have several weeks of Moonlight. Yea! The reruns are very important. Networks want to know that their shows will perform well in repeats. I am looking forward to seeing the first episodes on the big screen again. :) It will allow those who jumped into the show late to see the beginning. Also, this is the perfect time to recruit new viewers. I know that you understand how imperative it is for Moonlight to have great ratings not only for the next original episode, but for every rerun night too!

PS..... this is one of my favorite images from the pilot episode. Mick looks mighty good outside :)


Francesca said...

So we have to wait till December 14/07 to watch episode 10, and then when will episode 11 and 12 run? Thats not good i was hoping to see all 3 before the new year.

I will still watch the reruns, goodness i have most of the episodes on my PVR and i still watch them over and over again.

I hope it comes back. What do you think Kandeygirl?

JuLo said... posted on their "Hollywood Insider" blog that CBS is planning for their new lineup if the strike continues. It got me scared that they were going to replace Moonlight, but at the very end it says that Moonlight (among other shows) will be in reruns. Yay! Hopefully that means the show will get some more viewers. And it's even better that so far CBS isn't just flat out canceling it, which was my biggest fear.

micksgirl24 said...

ok hear are some of the later dates: on January 4th, 2008 "Love Lasts Forever"(the 11th episode) will be on and the season finale (hinging on the writer's strike) will air on January 11th. hope that helps a little. ; )

Moonlight said...

Hey Francesca ~

It looks like you will only get 1 new episode before the New Year. I'm glad you will watch the repeat airings too though cuz the ratings are sooooo important! Thanks for supporting our show :)

XO ~

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