Sunday, December 2, 2007

Off to the races with Alex O'Loughlin!

Ken Faught ( the lovely owner & President of Pole Position Raceway ) graciously sent me several splendid photos of Alex O'Loughlin at their Toys for Tots charity event today. He was very happy with the piles of toys they received and the fun day. :) Everyone I have heard from that attended the festivities have only wonderful things to say about our Alex. Words like down to earth, funny, humble, attentive... oooo yea and handsome ~ ha.... have been used several times over.

Photo #1 ~ Alex looks like he is ready to do some serious driving!

Photo #2 ~ Action! Alex in 3rd place.

Photo #3 ~ Left to right ~ Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight's Mick St John), Chad Reed (Supercross Champion) and Kathryn Morris (Cold Case)

By the way..... his t-shirt says "I'm not Johnny Ramone."

Go to Pole Position! Not only will you have a great time racing, you will be supporting a business that actually gives back to the community.


Malaron said...

What a lovely picture to brighten my Monday morning!! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Francesca said...

Well i am not surprised that everyone had only good things to say about Alex. He is just soooo gorgeous and The Supercross Champion is not so bad himself...heheheheh!!! Another of my fav. shows Cold Case!!! I think that it is great that they are participating in Charities. Good on them....

Anonymous said...

He's so hot. It makes me wish there were more available Aussie men in the US!