Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Off Topic ~ Photos of our ice storm ~ Brrrrrr!

Several of you have thoughtfully emailed to make sure we are safe and not sitting in the dark. You are so good to me! It means a lot for you to even remember me briefly mentioning living in Oklahoma City, let alone to be worried. Thank you!

As requested, I am posting two of the photos I took yesterday. We are not normally subjected to this kinda weather in OKC. The first day, we woke to a silent dusting of white on our lawn. Then, thunder and rain. Next ~ dazzling icicles are glinting in every tree and off every roof. Very pretty but equally dangerous. Our lovely old trees have been hard hit. Every few minutes we hear a mighty crack, often followed by the crash of several huge limbs hitting the ground, our fence, porch, etc. One tree looks like a total loss. Tall and strong for years, now split into many sections. We will just have to assess the damage once this is all over.

We have been fortunate thus far to not be among those who lost power, or tragically those who lost their life.

Right at this moment, I can hear the rain pelting against our home. It has been doing so all day. Good news ~ they are forecasting that the situation will steadily improve over the next few days as the temperature rises.


wondergirl9847 said...

Glad you are safe and not in the dark! The images we are seeing on TV are horrific. I mean, it's pretty to look at, but when it comes down to destroying homes, trees and killing people...that's ugly. :(

Stay warm and safe, Kandye!

Thelia828 said...

I remembered you mentioning you lived in OKC because I live in Jenks, OK. A town most people outside of OK have never heard of. I too have been very fortunate through this storm; we still have power and everyone has stayed safe.
Thank you for your web site, I really enjoy logging each day.

Lise said...

Kandye love your pics, they are wonderful but the difference in weather is so extreme! Here in southern Australia it is very warm and warming up, tomorrow its 85F and then Friday its 92F. I love the warmth but your pics draw me in, how I'd love to be in the snow right now! Hugs, Lise x

Francesca said...

Hey Kandeygirl,

Those are some wicked pictures. Wow. thats crazy hope all is okay with you and the storm is subsiding. I live in Canada and not even here have i seen an ice storm like that. Although in Montreal they had a very severe ice storm many years ago. I live in T.O. Canada.

Hope all is well!
Please take care!