Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Super Fan, Lisa Gerry, Interviews Alex O'Loughlin

Lisa Gerry, from Moonlightline, was able to do a great interview with Alex O'Loughlin at his recent appearance at Pole Position's Toys for Tots event. She has published it for us on Monsters & Critics lovely website.

Alex was so accomodating to all his fans! He has such a crazy work schedule. You know he must have been exhausted, but he was still so sweet and available. In the interview, they discuss the hard work as well as moving to LA, auditioning, being compared to other Vampire shows, etc. Can you imagine the executives who are now kicking themselves for not hiring Alex when they had the chance?! ha!

One of Alex's quotes that I especially like is ~ If they get this strike out of the way, sooner, rather than later, we're a shoe-in. I'm not running the network. I know that they love us, I know that they know how important the show is to the people.” You can see why *smile*

Read Leeser's awesome interview here......


Thanks, again, to the amazing Moonlight fans who donated $1000 worth of playthings! YEA!!! And, to those who continue to donate toys, time & $$$. What a cool bunch :)

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin ready for action in his indoor Go-Kart at Pole Position Raceway's Toys for Tots charity event. Click on the picture above to save the image.

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Anonymous said...

Every year we give to a different charity. This year we decided to follow the lead of our favorite vampire actor, and chose Toys For Tots. (Good call, Alex!) Our two kids loved shopping for these unknown children, and were excited to drop the toys off at the firestation. It's nice to know that other fans are doing likewise.

We love all of the photos and information :) Keep up the good work!