Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SPOILER ~ CBS has released a video preview for Sleeping Beauty (#1x10)


CBS has finally released a sneak peek video promo for the next episode ~ Sleeping Beauty (#1x10)! We have waited soooo long and thirsted for something new. Tell me what you think after you watch this preview.

Update....... Hey guys ~ Am I hearing things, or does Mick say that Coraline has been a vampire for 500 years?!??? That would make her older than Josef. In the Fleur De Lis episode, Mick tells Beth that Coraline was turned in the early 1700's ~ which would mean she is around 300 years old. Listen close the next time you view the promo and let me know if you hear the same thing I do. Did Mick find out Coraline is older than he was originally told?


Anonymous said...

Off topic-->I find that when I browse your site that your picture and contact widget doesn't come up sometimes like this time. Hence I am sending you a comment which you don't have to approve for posting. I recall you commenting that you are in the OK City area with reference to donating to Toys for Tots there, correct? I am assuming that you are not real close to all the ice business in OK City that is experiencing power outages and death since you are posting to this blog as of Dec 11. This is a good thing and glad you are seemingly ok in and arround OK.

On topic, however, great promo! Thanks.

Cheers, keep warm and your blog rox,

Moonlight said...

Hi MCRox ~

I can't believe you remembered me mentioning being in OKC. You are so thoughtful! Thank you for being concerned about me.

Yes, we are in the middle of an ice storm ~ which is not normal for us. Very pretty while equally dangerous. I took a few photos earlier, perhaps I will post one of them on the blog to give you guys an idea.

MCRox Rox! hehehehe....

Brrrrrr ~

Please, remember to vote daily for Moonlight as Favorite New TV Drama! We are in the final three!!! *cheer*


Francesca said...


That is interesting, i kind of knew that this was coming. She came back for Mick, it shows us how really deranged she is, after he stacked her and left her to burn to death that she would come back for him, is it with revenge? I am not quite sure of that maybe because as some would call it she really loves him?

If that is what people call love? I call it sick, deranged love but all in all i guess it is some kind of love. Poor Mick, dont know what his thoughts are and only hope he makes the right decisions from here on. Hopefully he wont be sucked into her deranged world as he was before.

WE will wait and see. Funny to see though if at all the spoilers are true that it is Beth's blood that will save Coraline? If so, imagine having to save the one who would of killed you in a blink of an eye. Poor Beth, torn between her kidnapper and the one she loves. She has a big decision to make save her kidnapper to save Mick. Wow!!! I only hope that in it all it doesnt change Mick/Beth!

Great Blog.

biff said...

It was so GREAT to see something, anything from a new episode! I have watched and re watched every past episode to the point where I can recite dialogue along with the characters!(hhmmm, maybe I should keep info like that to myself...anyway Mick belongs with Beth. Coraline is bad news, a scheming, coniving bitc.... well, you know. Can't wait to see the episode.

Francesca said...

You are absolutely right Kandeygirl, he says 500 years but as i remember Josef saying that he knew her a century before Mick did. Josef is 400 years old right? So it may be right. I dont know, or maybe it is a writers mistake. I find alot of these on Moonlight, i just shrug them off because the show is great. Or maybe they are fixing their mistake. Or maybe before this scene Mick finds out something more about our dear Miss coraline? i dont know i am confused.

fridayfan said...

hi ..all,

I think it's a mistake, unless it has something to do with the "cure".

Interviews I have seen/read say that the "cure" will be clearly explained. I hope we don't have to wait another 3 weeks for the answer.

You have helped us all get through this looong break with your wonderful blog!


Rosewood said...

The promo definitely said Coraline's a vampire for 500 years.

Thanks for the promo and the blogging while we wait for new episodes!

Kekepania said...

Yeah, it says 500 years old, all right! But then again, on the newer video at the top of your site entitled Immortal Observations, Mick in the voice-over says he's 89 years old, when in the actual show he says clearly that he'll be 85 in November. So I think we should wait to see how the story unfolds before determining whether the writers/editors are losing track or if there's an explanation forthcoming. In our Moonlit universe, most things are possible!

lauren st.john : ) said...

hi, thank you soooo much for posting this. i am a moonlightaddict myself and am wondering if he took her blood to oberve to see what is in it ( the cure ) but it wont be the same if hes not a vamp. my sexy Alex O'Loughlin wouldnt be the same =[ . lol

i cant wait till december 14th!!! cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!! lol

thanks so much, from lauren : )