Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SPOILER ~ Sneak Peek Video of Sleeping Beauty Scene ~ Episode #1x10


This is a sneak peek preview video of a new scene from the next episode ~ Sleeping Beauty (#1x10). We have been talking about this story for weeks. Of course, seeing it is even more amazing.... and heart touching. Jason Dohring is just so good as Josef Konstantin. A lesser actor would not be able to pull this off. He made me want to comfort him so much during this scene. Do not watch this promo video if you do not want to see a pivotal moment from Friday's Moonlight!


fridayfan said...


WOW!! This Friday's episode will have been worth the wait...if this is only a minute of the action.

Thanks Kandye for posting this, it did not spoil anything for me just made me hungry for more!!!

Francesca said...

Wow...i am so excited for Friday,

This episode looks amazing. I to felt sorry for Josef. Wow what a secret to keep!!!Must be killing him.

See how Mick covers Beths body so quickly with his when the shooter burst into the window? That was awesome. But poor Josef. Well he is not dead he is a vampire so interesting to see where all this leads.

I mean just because the turning didnt work for him, doesnt mean it will not work for Mick and Beth? Just wishful thinking. Anyway thanks for that promo.

How are things with you Kandye with the ice storm? Hope things are better. I went on the web and saw some pretty amazing that is a sight to see. Cant imagine what it is like.

Take care.

Kekepania said...

OMG!!!!! Ditto for me!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That's all I can really say...

Rosewood said...

Wow... this episode looks great. I am so looking forward to more, I mean Josef. :D

Lara said...

This was the best episode to date! I loved loved loved it!

Anonymous said...

The very last song that came on in episode 10, i need to know what it is! it started off with "holding on to have to say my name"

let me know asap :D