Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SPOILER ~ Fight Scene Promo Photos (set #3) ~ Sleeping Beauty Episode #1x10


Mick in action! More promo photos for you. :) Looks like we are gonna get a great fight scene in Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10) this Friday. It feels so good to say those words ~ THIS FRIDAY!

Please, rally everyone to watch the show. I have been surprised to see messages on several forums, boards and groups from people who do not realize Moonlight will be back this week (December 14th). The long break and holiday frenzy has thrown off the schedule. Get the word out! I do not need to tell you how important these ratings are to our show.

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Francesca said...

Cant wait to see Mick give some Vampire A*s kicking...oops can i say that word here on the blog? Sorry.

I love his fight scenes but i also here that he is more violent in this episode. Curious to see how it will be.