Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aussie actress, Yvonne Strahovski, mentions Alex O'loughlin in interview

Alexis, a loyal Moonlight fan and blog reader, provided this video for our enjoyment! Australian actress, Yvonne Strahovski, stars on the funny tv show, Chuck. She was interviewed by the lovely Craig Ferguson on his television program, the Late Late Show. Craig is my fave late night talk show host. He is hilarious and you never know what he is gonna say. "My cheeky little monkeys!" Enough about Craig :)

They discuss how good the actors and actresses from Australia are at doing accents. Yvonne teases that she is surprised Americans can understand Craig's Scottish accent, and then does a pretty good on the spot version.

In the interview, Craig brings up the subject of all the Aussie actors in Hollywood, and specifically mentions Alex O'Loughlin. He previously interviewed Alex.... another reason I like Craig!

Craig ~ "There's another guy on the CBS.... the CBS schedule, the Vampire detective. He's from Australia."

Yvonne ~ "Yea, Alex O'Loughlin. He is. His father and my mother actually know each other. They work together at a boy's school in Sydney."

Craig ~ "Really? Did you ever date him?"

Yvonne ~ "No. Alex?"

Craig ~ "Yea."

Yvonne ~ "No. I only just met him. And, he's unavailable anyway. And, he's not my style."

Craig ~ "What? Vampire detective?"

Did we finally find someone who is immune to Alex's considerable charms? So... her style is not funny, gorgeous, down to earth, open, gracious, athletic and delicious ~ because those are all words that come to my mind when thinking of Alex. *smile*


Francesca said...

Who Yvonne Strahovski? Who is she?
I guess now i will never watch Chuck, never was interested and now even not more interested.

She dissed our Mick/Alex. I dont think she had to go as far as to say, "He's not my style" Who cares and who asked if he was your style?

Anyway maybe he turned her down at some point....LOL!!!!

We love you Alex....

Anonymous said...

Alex is not her style???.....probably because, as she said, "he's not available".

La SeƱora said...

what? sexy isn't your thing?

Jennifer said...

So perhaps our Alex isn't her type because she's more into the Sophia type?

Moonlight said...

Hey Jennifer ~

I wondered the same thing! ;)

XO ~

My Moonlight Fan Blog

Anonymous said...

Umm us Australians don't like going out with other aussies we like englishmen or other european guys