Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Review of The Ringer (episode #1x07) on Australian website

The next Moonlight airing on Australian television will be The Ringer (episode #1x07). TVFix online has reviewed it. I would never use the word "staid" to describe our show, because to me Moonlight is the complete opposite of that. She does have lots of positive things to say, of course. Sexy, promising & refreshing!

Since we are talking about The Ringer, I couldn't stop myself from using this photo of Mick's first workout scene. I remember how much I enjoyed the fact that the show began with him doing difficult & hot upside down sit ups. I would so buy an Alex O'Loughlin exercise DVD! :>

Late night TV is now undead. If you miss Angel, this sexy, moody vampire drama will see you through to bite-time - er, bedtime.

Flicking between the mid-week offerings of the summer non-ratings period, viewers might be surprised to stumble upon this promising new series with a refreshing take on two familiar genres. That old-faithful of late-night viewing - the private eye - is brought back to life in the form of Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin). Mick isn't your average lone investigator, though - he also happens to be a reluctant vampire. That's right, it's a fang-fest mixed in with the private dick angle.

True to the gumshoe style Mick narrates his thoughts, which makes for easy watching no matter what time you happen to land into an episode.

In this installment, a building catches fire and a murder is unwittingly captured by a newspaper photographer shooting the inferno. But Mick is convinced there's a little more to it. Adding to the intrigue, that photographer (Shannyn Sossamon) looks a whole lot like Mick's former wife, whom he killed years earlier. Is the resemblance just a coincidence, or is there something more sinister going on?

Though the first half is a little formulaic, the pace manages to pick up in latter parts. Given enough patience, Moonlight does eventually offer a payoff. Panned for being a bit too staid, this new entry would benefit from sharper writing instead of complex plotlines. The promise is there, though, and this supernatural drama may well prove its critics wrong in the long run.

Moonlight airs on the Nine Network on Wednesday, January 23, at 9:30pm.

"Thank you" to the wonderful Aussie blog reader who made sure that I knew about this article!

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