Friday, January 25, 2008

CBS releases video of Mick and Coraline fighting Lance in The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12)

CBS has released this video of Mick and Coraline fighting her brother, Lance, in The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12). This is a great fight scene! Even though Mick is human, he still jumps into the battle. I love how he stakes the minion vamp. He has the moves as a Vampire or human! Unfortunately, Lance is so strong. When he taunts Mick about wanting to be a mortal, it makes me wanna smack him myself. He is too arrogant! Jason Butler Harner does a good job with the villain role. Lance knows he can do whatever he wants with Coraline and Mick. Coraline surrenders to Lance to save Mick's life. I wouldn't want to trade places with her. I wonder if we will see Mick try to find and rescue her in the future.

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