Wednesday, January 16, 2008

E! Online's Watch with Kristin talks about Moonlight

You are wonderful Moonlight fans! All the voting and comments you have left for the Watch with Kristin polls I told you about are really paying off :) Kristin Dos Santos has written an article regarding Moonlight's upcoming episode ~ The Mortal Cure #1x12 ~ AND giving her thoughts about the possibility of Moonlight being renewed. I like what she has to say, so you know it is positive. *wink* Kristin has nice things to say about Alex O'Loughlin.... who doesn't?! She also gives a shout out to Moonlight's "incredibly devoted and vocal fan base!" That is you, my friends!!!

She includes a video of a red carpet interview with Alex from before Moonlight premiered. I remember watching it and thinking how adorable & down to earth he is. Since I had the pleasure of seeing Alex on The Shield, I was already a fan. However, if I hadn't been, this funny interview would have turned me into one. I'm glad she found the clip for us to enjoy again.

Read what the lovely Kristin has to say about our show. Oooooo.... and there is a tiny spoiler about The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12). The yellow highlights are my emphasis.

Moonlight Sets...but Just for Now!

Time flies! It seems like just yesterday I was talking to the adorable Alex O'Loughlin about CBS picking up Moonlight—a moment you can see above—and now we've reached the end of the first season, assuming the strike doesn't break, like, tomorrow.

The last ep completed, "The Mortal Cure," airs this Friday on CBS at 9 p.m., and it's the last chance for you would-be fans to get in on the action and (please, oh please) help to send off the series with a nice uptick in the ratings.

So, why should you watch? Well, I have three good reasons...

1. The fans are bat-poop crazy over this show, as evidenced by Moonlight's number two ranking in our TV Throwdown poll, which asked fans to vote for the best series of 2007.

2. Star Alex O'Loughlin is charming and likable and an all-around nice guy. See for yourself in the clip above!

3. This show is strangely addictive—just the sort of series you'll want to catch up on during these here strike-riddled times. You can do so by visiting iTunes or the show's official site at to watch full-length episodes of the series.


As for you existing fans, you'll be happy to hear that this Friday's season finale episode will not disappoint. It features Mick and Coraline vamped out and vicious and more tears for poor brokenhearted Beth as she deals with a new crisis, even though she has yet to get over you-know-who's death last week.

Now, if this is the end of the first season, could there be a second season? Many of you have written me at about this, concerned that CBS has yet to give the series a commitment. Now, that's true—I checked on this for you, and the official word is still that there's no word.

However, I can tell you I would be astonished if Moonlight didn't get a pickup. It's a relatively inexpensive show, and the ratings are respectable, but more important, it has you guys. Yes, you. Moonlight found an incredibly devoted and vocal fan base right out of the gate, and you can't buy that kind of passion with any amount of treasure.

Please, write to Kristin to thank her! Of course.... keep leaving your awesome comments and voting. *cheer*

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Francesca said...

Hey Kandeygirl,

Just wanted to tell you there is a lovely interview with Sophia Myles and i notice that you always have interviews with Alex, Shannon and Jason but i have yet to see one with Sophia. If you are interested in posting it i will send you the link.

thanks Francesca