Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moonlight's Australian Television Ratings for Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Last night, Australia's Channel Nine aired the final Moonlight episode ~ 12:04 (#1x08) ~ that it has scheduled for now. As I reported previously, Channel 9 has decided to remove our show (along with 3 others) from their lineup since the summer season is ending & the ratings period beginning. No word yet on if/when the remaining four episodes will be shown. You know that I will give you that info as soon as I have it. Several Aussie blog readers have told me that they have written and called Nine to protest.

All of Moonlight's great episodes are available for viewing on YouTube.

Moonlight's Australian television ratings for 12:04 (episode #1x08) which aired on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 ~ 688,000 viewers. It is #22 on the ranking chart.

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