Friday, January 11, 2008

Recap ~ Love Lasts Forever ~ Episode #1x11 ~ SPOILER


Do not read my recap of Love Lasts Forever (#1x11) if you haven't seen this amazing episode!

We had to wait for this new episode... and man, was it worth the wait! I'm still digesting what happened, but here are a few of my thoughts.

Of course, I highly approve of the way they started the show :> Showing Alex O'Loughlin shirtless and working out is always the right choice for the story. Those pull ups on the stairs! Wow! I think I heard the "thud" of all the Mick fangirls hitting the floor. *wink*

Not only was this an incredible action packed episode, it also had deep character developing moments. Only Moonlight!

There has never been any doubt about Alex's acting ability. He proves it with every episode. When he gets teary eyed, it is so believable. On many shows, emotional scenes come off as forced and fake. We never have that issue because we have Alex.

"How does an immortal handle mortal feelings?" We got to hear some of the thoughts that have been swirling in Mick's head about Beth. Can you imagine having him think those things about you???

Beth ~ "You really hate being a Vampire, don't you?" Mick ~ "Well hate's a strong word... so, yea, that works"

We know from her past comments that Beth doesn't see being immortal as a curse, like Mick does. In tonight's episode, they have the following exchange... Beth ~ "Can't be all that bad to live forever. You'll see things... when I'm gone... when everyone's gone... that we can't even imagine now" Mick ~ "like what?" Beth ~ "Cars that can fly, diet soda that doesn't suck" Mick ~ "Yea, but its not so fun to experience things alone" Beth ~ "So, take a Vampire wife then" Mick ~ "Tried that one. Didn't work out so well"

Mick's loneliness is palpable.

The best blood for a vamp to consume is fresh human blood from a child that matches their blood type.

"Supersonic Vampyre hearing can definitely help you... but it can also hurt you." I felt for Mick when he listened to Beth and Josh telling each other "I love you." He looked so hurt.

Josh was willing to recuse himself from the case he has spent 2 years on just to keep Beth safe. He really loves... loved... her. I knew this was coming, but that did not make it any easier to watch him die. He was such a good, stand up guy. As I have said, under any other circumstances he would be a great catch/boyfriend. Josh just could not compete with Mick.

We have to discuss that awkward love scene between Beth and Josh. She was obviously not really into it. It did not seem natural at all. There was no ease or familiarity. Part of that could be due to the fact that they have basically been broken up for quite a while now... remember the scene in Sleeping Beauty.

We learned that Mick was a medic in WWII. I admire him even more after seeing how hard he worked to save Josh for Beth.... in the sun and surrounded by fresh blood.

Beth asking Mick to save Josh was heartbreaking. Her sense of guilt must be overwhelming. She feels that she owes Josh since her loyalty strayed to Mick. On top of that, she did have feelings for Josh or they would never have gotten together. Anyone who has watched a loved one die knows that you would do anything to keep them when that moment comes. Even though Mick has explained what a curse it is to be turned without your consent, it is the only way she can think of to "save" Josh.

Even if Mick had given in.... can you imagine Josh as a Vampire? I can't. He is too conservative and straight laced.

Poor Mick :( What a sad spot he was forced into by Beth asking. He had to tell the woman he loves no... he had to go against her wishes. Now, he will have to endure her anger, sadness and guilt.

"Blood Is Vengeance!" I would not want to be on the receiving end of Mick's need for revenge. He is so powerful and dangerous! I loved all the vamped out scenes tonight. Watching him use his Vampire abilities had me holding my breath. He sank his teeth into a human to kill the man responsible for Josh's death AND Beth's pain! Oooooooooo my.......

Another emotional end scene for this series! Mick still goes to Beth, trying to comfort and talk to her about Josh's death.

Mick ~ "I know you're angry that I didn't turn Josh, but I didn't kill him.... His job killed him... You can't blame me for him being gone. Turning someone into a Vampire isn't saving a life, it's taking one."

Beth ~ "Because it's such a curse. I know, you tell me all the time."

Mick ~ "You don't know. Beth, how could you know?"

Beth ~ "If you hate what you are so much, then why do you go on living?"

Mick's voiceover ~ "You make me want to."

Mick ~ "I'm not really sure."

Then... the conversation we knew was coming...

Beth ~ "What if it were me lying there instead of Josh seconds before death, would you have saved me? Would you have saved me?"

Mick ~ "I would have done the same thing."

Voiceover ~ She asked me something I've asked myself over and over again. The truth is I don't know what I would do.

Mick wants his humanity back so badly. Which leads us to next week's episode! :>


Tina said...

Wow. This episode was AMAZING. Thoroughly AMAZING. I love your site because I love to see how you gush like I do to my husband about it. :o)

I can't wait till next week! Mick is mortal!!!

Anonymous said...

Mick is mortal!! what do you mean??

In case anyone missed this episode it is on youtube. Moonlight Episode 12

Anonymous said...

I don't think we will be seeing anymore episode until the writers strike is over any the studio picks up the show (which I think they will)..
This was a sad episode...i love they way Alex show his emotions..great face shots...he is so dramatic in his expressions.

wondergirl9847 said...

Alex is so fantastic and this episode was draining! So many amazing scenes, and my favorite was the interrogation/vamp-out scene. How great was that?! Also, the bar fight/killing Tejada great. I love seeing Mick kick butt and vamp out.

Sad to see Josh die. I really loved his character and will miss him terribly. :(

Sandra said...

It's also in the iTunes store!

Deborah said...

This was the most powerful and heart wrenching episode. I had watched this episode 5 times & I cried each time! So, Mick finally told (using voice over)and showed us fans that he loves Beth dearly.

But Beth confused me. Since Episode 4, she began falling in love with Mick. Then, in Episode 10, she decided to turn down Mick's offer to hit the town and returned to Josh. In this episode, Beth acted like she was NEVER in love with Mick at all! In fact, she hurt Mick's feeling several times like telling Josh "I love you, too" and told Mick "stay away from me" after Josh died. Was she ever in love with Mick? Anyway, great action & acting from Alex & Sophia. I hope the Mick/Beth relationship will continue to flourish.
Love MOONLIGHT! Can't wait for Episode 12. Thanks, Kandye, for all your updates. Job well done always.