Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Video of Moonlight's People's Choice Awards win and Alex's speech

This is a video showing Queen Latifah announcing Moonlight as the winner, Alex O'Loughlin's acceptance speech and his answers to the fan's questions. I know that he won over even more fans with his thoughtful words and easy going manner. He looks soooooo good in this clip. He really needed, and deserved, the time off. I adore that lovely Australian accent.

Of course, one of the fan questions was "What do you think will happen between Mick and Beth?" Part of his reply "...the relationship can only go so far for the show to continue to be a show..." is what he has said in many interviews.

Who else thought the answer to "What makes Vampires so sexy?" should be "DUH ~ just look at him!?!" *grin*

Alex was the only winner not holding the People's Choice Award trophy in their video, right? Hmmmm.... maybe the organizers did not have time to ship it all the way to Australia.


Lise said...

He was gorgeous! And I'm sure I recognised where he was, just down the road from me Melbourne Bayside, looks like off the beach at Elwood and could very well be as Holly his girlfriend went to school close by and grew up down a few suburbs from here, how cool. My g/f said how divine it would be if we ran into him, oh please!!!

Moonlight said...

Hi Lise ~

Thank you for the location info! I think Alex looked so relaxed in the People's Choice Awards video. The trip home is a much needed vacation.... but I hope he will be back here filming soon *fingers crossed* CBS would be crazy not to renew Moonlight!

Good luck on running into Alex :)

XO ~

Please, vote for Moonlight on E! Online's site as best show of 2007

The Rural Wife said...

Kandye, you are the best! I knew you'd have the video of Alex' acceptance speech and answers to the questions. He's so sexy and yeah, that's what I thought his answer should have been too!
I was so thrilled that Moonlight won but I was shocked that it was over 10 million votes! that's awesome!!

margaret said...

Alex simply could not be any hotter! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE. :)

Kandye, your encouragement is probably responsible for at least 2 million of those votes. So thank you!

JuLo said...

I loved Queen Latifah's reaction to the Moonlight clip. She gave a little shiver. After she did that, I knew Moonlight had won. Yay!

Sunny said...

Thanks for the video, so glad for the show and Alex O.

Here's hoping an end to the strike soon.

Deborah said...

Thanks for the video of Alex's acceptance speech for the PCA win. I was screaming so loud that I drowned out most of his speech!
It's nice to see Alex being so humble and he definitely gave the best acceptance speech.
Kandye, you are the best. I check your site daily and I just LOVE it. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


can you clarify whether Moonlight got 10 million votes by itself.

Somewhere I either heard or read that 10 million was total for all categories.

I'm hoping 10M is just for our darling and his show.


Senora S. said...

thank you for this Kandye
you rock!
this clip rocks my socks
i didn't think the man could get sexier
but he did!
i adore how humble and down to earth he is!