Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chip Johannessen out as showrunner for Moonlight

Another behind the scenes change at Moonlight. Just a few minutes ago, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reported that Chip Johannessen is no longer part of our crew. In addition to being an executive producer of the series, Chip also wrote two incredible episodes of Moonlight ~ Arrested Development (#1x05), which is consistently listed as a fan favorite, and The Mortal Cure (#1x12).

Ausiello Report ~ Exclusive: Moonlight Leader Slayed!

More backstage drama at Moonlight — and the timing couldn't be worse. I'm told that Chip Johannessen has been let go as show-runner just as the freshman drama is fighting for a second season. The search is on for a replacement.

This is the second major regime change for the cult fave; over the summer Johannessen replaced David Greenwalt, who vacated his post for health reasons.

The behind-the-scenes upheaval may explain why Moonlight was conspicuously absent from CBS' litany of renewals last week. It's unclear what impact this will have on the four post-strike episodes that the network just commissioned, which are slated to begin airing on April 11. But rest assured, when I know you'll know.


Anonymous said...

I am hearterned by a couple of things here... "The search is on for a replacement" -- would they bother (with only 4 upcoming episodes) if they were prepared to jettison the show? Also maybe this could be CBS looking to improve the deliverable. I know we all think it is perfect as it is, but the fact is that some people think it could be improved and maybe CBS are looking to do that. AND of course, they wouldn't be concerned about that if they were prepared to simply ditch the show.

Maybe I am being too optimistic, but could this be a more positive slant on the situation?

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Oh no! Honestly, why must our poor, precious little show go through so much hell to come out on top? I hope they find a replacement, although the loss is hard. Chip Johannessen was an excellent asset. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

What the heck. More drama. I sometimes feel like this show is cursed. Seems to me every other week,months,days, there's always something with MOONLIGHT. First the recasting of the show, David left as showrunner,then the strike, and now the lates shake up another showrunner gone, can Moonlight get a break already. It is so frustrating to watch something you love going through all these trials and tribulations. I really hope they'll get someone fast. Does anyone know why he left.

Deborah said...

Once again, CBS is trying to derail our beloved show again!! I will miss Chip Johannessen because I thought he certainly had made a tremendous contribution to the success of this show. Yes, "AD" is one of my favorites because Mick/Beth had their first kisses!!
BTW, some fans of Angel & other vampire shows were bashing our show on TV Guide. How dare! I gave them my "2-cent" worth comment! Some of you MOONLIGHT ADDICTS should, too. I have faith that MOONLIGHT will prevail.

Thanks, Kandye, for all your up-to-date MOONLIGHT news. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Let's stay positive. Maybe he wanted to take the show in the wrong direction. Maybe he wasn't getting along with the cast & crew. Maybe he wasn't being positive. It could be any reason but I don't think they would look for a replacement for only four episodes if they weren't thinking about renewing for a 2nd season.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the other comment from the fan who said, "why bother" looking for a replacement for Chip if they were planning on cancelling. They've kept Alex and changed showrunners before, so maybe this isn't a bad thing. I'm not clear on something...was Chip "let go" or did he "resign?"

Kandye--After reading the news on your web page, I jumped over to moonlight-detective to see if they knew what you did. They did know, but there was also an article called A Note From CBS. It basically says thanks for supporting Moonlight and how they are excited about the 4 episodes in April. They also ask us to spread the word to get more viewers! WHAT??? Averaging 8 million viewers in that time slot each week isn't enough for them? C'mon!

I have been doing my part in spreading the word on the show and about the Keep It Dark! campaign.

Anonymous said...

I hope this wasn't too impolite, but below is what I sent to CBS. Bottom line - if we are frustrated, so long as we remain polite we might as well let it show.
Letter to CBS...

Come on CBS! What an earth is going on? You ask us to help you promote this show... we have been doing that for MONTHS - via blogs, websites, word of mouth. It won the PCA (how that for promo??) and it already has 8m viewers despite the poor promotion on your part and the strike.

Now - obviously we know that 8m isn't magnificent, but lets be real... in a season of strike, on a Friday night and for a brand new (and poorly promoted) genre show, it isn't bad is it? It beats out other new shows which got more buzz on other networks and has beaten other more established shows which are still being supported on their networks, including some on your own.

Dexter??? CBS - it got around 1m viewers but you are prepared to promote it on The Eye? Its 6:30am and I just saw an ad for it on BBC America for heaven's sake! I can't remember the last time I saw a promo for Moonlight on any channel at any time other than a couple of times before the last two new episodes.

Come on CBS - please make an effort here. You have a decent number fans for Moonlight already, decent numbers already and the show has trememdous potential... surely you can see that.

If you can't do right with this little gem, why don't you find a network that will take it off your hands and do it properly?

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think CBS wants the fans to advertise this show so they don't have to pay for advertising.