Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Keep It Dark on Friday Night to Support Moonlight!

Just a reminder..... We are planning to turn off our televisions on Friday nights, and watch Moonlight episodes on the official CBS website instead. The network decided to put our show on hiatus in order to air The Price is Right. The goal of the Keep It Dark campaign is to get huge numbers for the online episode. Hopefully, that will make CBS realize the ratings they are missing out on by not airing Moonlight. Wouldn't it be super cool if we caused their server to crash!??!? :>

This week ~ Friday, February 22nd ~ we will be watching the Fever episode (#1x04) together. Spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Since I don't own a PC, consider me there in spirit. I'll do my little part by not tuning in to CBS Friday nights. Go Moonlight lovers!

cobby said...

Kandye, do you know what the viewership numbers were for the UK airing on the 19th?

Deborah said...

I have 4 television sets in the house, I have already "warned" my family members to "keep them dark" on Friday nights until April 11th to support MOONLIGHT.

I'd much rather watching repeats of MOONLIGHT than some game show! Besides, Alex vs. Drew! NO CONTEST!!

I also have spread the "Keep It Dark" campaign to some of my friends. Since CBS has NOT been playing fair game, then we MOONLIGHT fans have to play "rough" with them.

Anonymous said...

moonlight rules! Aren't there enough game shows on tv now. We are swimming in them! Bring back moolight on fridays. My tv will be off until April 11!