Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Video ~ The sharp dressed men of Moonlight!

A video featuring our boys.... Darn! ;> All of the men on Moonlight are gorgeous. Lilly has made a fan video for us that celebrates just how wonderful they look. She used great scenes of Mick, Josef, Lt Carl and Josh in the sexy clothes they wear on our show. Have I mentioned recently how much I adore the casting director?!?! Think about it.... they gave us Alex O'Loughlin, Brian J White, Jason Dohring and Jordan Belfi all on the same show! Oooooo my.....

I love how Lilly set the snippets from the show to the lines in the song, which is Sharp Dressed Man covered by Jo Dee Messina. When she used the footage of David Blue's Logan playing Guitar Hero to underscore the guitar solo in the song, I had to chuckle. Very creative!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Lilly, you made my evening! That was GREAT!!!! You're a real pistol!