Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Information about Moonlight's Paley Center event from LA blog readers

I have received messages from wonderful Moonlightfan Blog readers who happen to live in LA ~ Cinnamon and two others who wish to remain anonymous. According to their information, the Moonlight event to be held at the Paley Center for Media is part of their "An Evening with.... " series. Similar to the Paley Fest 2008 that is being held in March, Moonlight's cast & producers will take part in a panel discussion Q&A session, sign autographs and such. Each reader has told me that they found out this information from very reliable sources.

What a great night for Moonlight fans who live in the Los Angeles area or who can travel there for the event! Believe me, I wish I could be there. However, hopefully I will get a full report from those who are lucky enough to attend. I'm excited that our show is receiving this attention, which it more than deserves :)

Again.... thank you so much to my friends for the information!

Moonlight Special Event
Paley Center For Media
7:00 PM ~ Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

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