Wednesday, February 6, 2008

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello answers a question about Moonlight's return

I'm proud to see that Moonlight fans are still pestering critics, reviewers and CBS about the future of our show :) Connie has asked TV Guide's Michael Ausiello for his opinion on a very important subject. He included it in his Ask Ausiello column today.

Question :

Just want to know what the buzz is concerning the return of Moonlight on CBS — there are all sorts of rumors that CBS won't be airing any more original episodes until this fall. — Connie

Ausiello :

That's assuming it comes back in the fall. And that's a big assumption at this point. I spoke to a Moonlight insider late last week and he/she told me that before the strike, CBS informed producers that they had every intention of picking up the show's "back nine." But since the strike started, they haven't heard a peep about whether they'll be going back into production. My guess? Moonlight will be renewed for a 13-episode second season.


moonstruck1 said...

13 episodes mean half the season. Why is CBS treating Moonlight so unfairly? It has won the PCA for Favorite New TV Drama & the fan base is huge. It has had good reviews & respectable ratings. It is truly a gem of a show. I know that CBS has ordered 4 more episodes before the strike, does this mean CBS is planning to order only 9 more equal to 13 for the fall season?

So, Did CBS plan the April 22nd Moonlight Event? If so, for what purpose?

I am sorry for all the questions. But I am sure I am not the only who is upset with Ausiello's answer. After all, CBS really has tried fans' patience by putting Moonlight on hiatus, no new episode when the strike is over & may pick up Moonlight only for half a season!!

Kandye, if you can answer my questions, please do. I know you are good at finding out things fast & accurate. Thanks again for all your updates.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Moonstruck1. We really have been patient with the lack of information from CBS and I am sure a lot of us feel like Moonlight and its fans are being ignored. Without the strike, the season goes until May. If (as rumored) the strike is coming to an end... well its only February. Do they really intend to fill February to May with game shows and repeats?

I wish CBS would make a commitment... its very frustrating.