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New interview with Alex O'Loughlin in Australia's Sunday Life Magazine

Alex's film, August Rush, just premiered in Australia. The Australian newspaper, Sun Herald, included a new article & interview with him in the Sunday Life magazine insert. What a sweet description he gives of his mom's reaction to his visits. Again, he mentions the crazed fan girls scaring him. Poor baby! ;> Our Lt Carl, Brian J White, is also briefly quoted. Even his co-stars recognize that Alex has that "It" factor denoting a star. CBS is soooo lucky to have snatched him up before anyone else. I hope they remember that when making their renewal decision in May.

Click on the scan above for a larger version. Note ~ according to Alex, he was born on August 24th in 1976, which would mean he's 31 years old.

Sunday Life Magazine

Profile ~ Alex O'Loughlin

Why he looks familiar :
Another NIDA graduate, class of 2000, O'Loughlin starred in 2004's The Oyster Farmer but got his break in the US as the star of Moonlight, a TV series about vampires, which aired on Channel Nine. "I've got a six-year contract [with Moonlight], so I just try to keep my head down. I don't wash dishes any more; that's the main thing."

Why you should care :
After the Moonlight pilot aired, producer Joel Silver realised the show wasn't up to scratch and replaced the entire cast - except O'Loughlin. "A lot of times you do a pilot... and you know if pieces aren't working. And I think they knew right away they had a star in Alex and they just rebuilt around him," said co-star Brian White.

Birthplace :
Born in Canberra but grew up in Sydney. "My parents divorced when I was two. From the age of 10, I went back and forth between the two cities."

Marital Status :
He's been dating Aussie singer and former Neighbours star Holly Valance for the past 18 months and says, "It's going strong."

Family ties :
"Mum's a musician. She plays piano and has a beautiful voice, so she understands the creative need." But that doesn't mean she misses her son any less now he's living in LA. "Mum lights up when she sees me. Her cheeks go pink - she's all over me, pulling my hair, pinching my cheeks." O'Loughlin also has a sister, 31, whom he describes as a "multi-talented volleyball player, gypsy chef."

Bitten young :
"I was in a school play when I was 10 and had fish sticks stuck up my nose and I was wearing these spectacles and making the audience laugh. I remember the rush and knew I loved it."

Surreal moment :
O'Loughlin was taking a break from filming on Moonlight on the Warner Brothers' lot one day when a cart full of sightseeing women laid eyes on him. "They started screaming at the top of their lungs - it scared the shit out of me."

The move to the US was tough :
"There was a whole year, in 2005, when I wasn't getting anywhere. I had to sell my stereo and a few other things. I got my motorbike stolen, it was miserable. I was sleeping on a mate's office floor questioning my talent - that was really difficult."

Home is where the work is :
"I love the Australian industry but it's a boutique industry - the US is where it is." And while O'Loughlin admits that's changing, he can't wait around. "If I want to buy a house, I'd have to stay in Australia making movies for a hundred years."

Career highlight :
Auditioning for Casino Royale. "The screen test for James Bond was a real 'pinch yourself' moment I'll never forget."

Inspiration :
"Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing. Ryan Gosling is also an incredible actor; he's also a friend of mine... well, an acquaintance."

Next :
August Rush, with Robin Williams, is out on Thursday.

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cobby said...

Six year contract to do Moonlight??!! So why are we worried about it not being renewed? Or does that mean he'll get paid for a 6 yr contract and not work it??? Don't understand?? Do You?

I want to pinch his cheek and pull his absolutely adorable man.