Friday, February 8, 2008

Spoiler ~ Recap of Moonlight's episode tonight ~ Arrested Development (#1x05)

SPOILER ALERT ~ My little recap of Moonlight's Arrested Development episode #1x05

Great voiceover tonight. It was very informative for us to hear what Mick was thinking during this episode.

Can you imagine being a teenager for eternity? Or, until a roller coaster chops off your head? No, thanks! I see why Mick felt for the teen vamp. Not only because he will never grow out of the awkwardness of puberty, but being turned without consent.

Love the look Mick gives the guy who pushed past him to get on the elevator.

Josh insisted that Beth get a blood test because of her "chain link fence" injury. Ha! That is a pretty good cover for a Vampire bite. The look on Mick's face when a blood test was mentioned & then Beth's instant denial about marrying Josh.... I felt bad for the guy.

Happy anniversary, Josh..... I'm headed to the morgue!

As he will again in Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10), Josh tells Beth he saw the way she and Mick looked at each other.

Mick instantly knew that Beth was in the morgue. I like his line.... "No, the one hiding around the corner goes first."

Josef meets Beth! I love the looks exchanged between Mick, Beth and Josef. "Mick says you have a great voice." That little comment got Josef a different kind of look from Mick. When Beth says "Whatever you want" that definitely got the attention of all the boys. ;>

Rider got a pat on the back from Josef for his good work.

How good did Mick look on the boardwalk?!

Mick tried until the end to talk Mineo down. He is so sweet and wants to save everyone.

Mineo ~ "Have you ever loved someone completely, so that she was your whole world? You'd do anything she asked... anything at all. Have you ever loved someone that way? You forgot about yourself and all you thought about was her." Mick closes his eyes and thinks of Coraline, then answers ~ "Yes." Mineo ~ "See, I never have!" He has always been a sad, lonely & pimple ridden teenager. That would make me a bit angry too.

Our writers and stars do the best last scenes in the biz! I love the expression on Mick's face when Beth kisses him. On a typical show, the girl would probably apologize or break down after kissing the hunk. Not Beth.... she looked Mick right in the eye afterward and gave him a little smile.... THEN gave him another kiss. As always, Alex has the perfect facial expression for the moment. The smile Mick gives as the scene fades out says it all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kandaye,
How could you leave out "Wow! Vampires make terrible liars." and the "Totally Hypothetical" question. That got his attention! Doggone near snapped his neck when she asked. ;->
BTW I emailed CBS to ask (Very politely and with my best grammar) for more Moonlight now and announcement of season 2. Hope they listen.
Thanks for keeping up the site.