Monday, February 18, 2008

Support Moonlight by contacting talks shows and entertainment magazines

When calling the network, we are being told that CBS will make a decision about Moonlight's future in mid-May. It is obvious that they are waiting to see what happens with the four new episodes that will begin airing on April 11th. This gives us plenty of time to fight to save our show! We will work together to get Moonlight renewed for a second season :)

Fortunately, we are blessed with such a charismatic, good humored and interesting cast. We just need to get them booked on the talk show circuit and profiled in magazines. Think about it.... Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring, Brian J White & Shannyn Sossamon chatting and laughing with Ellen or Conan or Jay or any host. New fans will not be able to resist! Plus, I guess us old Moonlight fans wouldn't mind seeing them on tv too much. *wink*

This video ~ Behind the scenes on the set of Moonlight ~ is one I posted previously when our show first premiered. However, I felt it was appropriate to this post. I really like it because you get to see brief interviews with Alex, Jason and Sophia along with some behind the scenes footage.

Let's write, call and email all of these media outlets to promote the new Moonlight episodes. Get those ratings even higher by capturing fresh viewers!

Day Time Talk Shows

I have said from the beginning that having the entire cast interviewed together would be amazing. They have such wonderful chemistry! Oprah often chats with the entire cast from television programs and movies. Another thing to keep in mind is most of her producers are women. If they are not already in love with Alex, Jason & Brian, they soon will be when we bring our boys to their attention! *grin*

Oprah :

Ellen Degeneres :
Booker ~ Lori Blackman
300 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523
Email link :

Regis and Kelly :
Booker ~ Kelly Burkhard
7 Lincoln Square 5th Floor
NY, NY 10023
Email link :

The View :
Booker ~ Donald Berman
320 W. 66th Street
NY, NY 10023
Email link :

Late Night Talk Shows

David Letterman :

Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Alex O'Loughlin has previously appeared on Craig's show) :

Jay Leno :

Conan O'Brien :

Carson Daly :

Media Magazines

Entertainment Weekly :,,,00.html

People Magazine :

TV Guide :

Vanity Fair :

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Anonymous said...

I actually (politely) wrote to CBS and suggested that they do more to promote the show for the new episodes than they have in the past. After all, one thing we have seen over and over again (in fact it happened to me!) is that once people actually tune in, most of them get hooked. CBS did not put their best effort into promoting the show in the past and if they do, they may find the numbers start looking the way they (and we!) would like them to.

I have by word of mouth got people into the show who didn't even know about it or when it was on. CBS need to rectify that before the new episodes air.

Thanks for the update Kandye... this at least is a ray of hope for us Moonlight fans.