Sunday, February 17, 2008

Australian fans ~ Sign petition asking Channel Nine to return Moonlight to their tv schedule

Since Australian television network Channel Nine took Moonlight off its ratings period schedule, the fans have been writing and calling to protest. One fan has started a petition to ask Channel 9 to put our show back on the air. Here is a link to the website so all wonderful Aussie fans can sign the petition......


Cobby said...

Kandye: can you start a petition on your site for us here in USA.

I signed Aussie petition, hope it helps them....we might need their help.

I hope OUR SHOW is a hit in UK. suggested we all watch a ML episode on the night The Price is Right is aired.


bella said...

check out my blog...

Anonymous said...

I emailed my friends and co-workers that watch Moonlight and told them to go to on Friday and watch it's going to be episode FEVER. We have to keep the TV dark between 8 and 10 P.M. We will fight till the end for MOONLIGHT. Vampire Solidarity Rah, Rah, Rah,

Deborah said...

I, too, just signed the Australian petition.

This Friday. I am watching Ep. 4 & 5 on CBS.COM at 8 & 9 p.m.

We have to be united to show CBS. CBS has been treating our beloved show unfairly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
Remember, this is a numbers game. It is not just a Friday night thing. Moonlight is in competetion with all the other CBS shows that have not yet been renewed. Be careful what you are watching as we don't want the other shows to outshine our Moonlight. If the show has already been picked up we aren't changing that so CSI to your heart's content, but don't watch the competition. In this case that would be any other "bubble" show on CBS that has not yet heard about their renewal. The "filler" shows like New adventures of old Christine have an advantage right now because they are the only new programming on at this time. Remember, not watching the competition is also a vote for Moonlight.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the networks (all of them) are now experimenting with the cheaper "reality" and game shows. They are hoping they can get folks to settle for those instead of well written, well acted people's choice award winning drama. If we tune in to those out of boredom now it may be the only thing we have in the future. So especially in the case of "reality" and game shows, avoid them like the plague.
Good idea to watch Moonlight episodes on when the competition (the price is right and other CBS bubble shows) is on.
Kandye, any feedback on the "save Moonlight" or maybe "Vampire Solidarity" link right up front? It would be helpful as a way to organize the Season 2 Campaign where folks could easily access and take appropriate action.