Sunday, February 17, 2008

Support Moonlight ~ Watch our show on every Friday night

Thank you to Suzanne and Leeser for sharing this great idea!

While The Price Is Right is running on Friday nights, the plan is to go to and to all watch the same episode of Moonlight with the intention of sending CBS a message. We do know that they pay attention to what we're watching on, so it should be obvious that we're not watching the available "current" programming. Yes, this may crash their streaming video server, but they're still going to know which streaming vid made it all come crashing down.

Please spread this around to all the other Moonlight sites you can possibly think of during the next week. Let them know that this is a concerted effort and that we need to come together to make this all happen.


Anonymous said...

I've started rewatching them now even if I can't watch the entire show. But I'll do it on Fridays too!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. What episode will we be watching

Thelia828 said...

Count me in!!!!

Deborah said...


"Fever" ep. 4 is for this Friday night, when Price is Right is on. I'll be watching ep. 5 "AD" when Ghost Whisperer is on. Check the time when "PIR" & "GW" will be on at your area.

Also, DON'T watch the other 8 shows that are NOT yet renewed (check the list by scrolling down a bit on Kandye's site). This way, they don't get higher rating than MOONLIGHT when the new episodes come back on April 11th.

Let's show CBS that we MOONLIGHT fans mean business & we are united.

desdemona said...

We've been calling this campaign "Keep it Dark" (i.e. keeping the TV dark) on MLL, and there are a bunch of banners there available for use!

We can do it!