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UK ~ Living's new video interview with Alex O'Loughlin

Living's website describes their new Alex video as "EXCLUSIVE interview with the very handsome Aussie actor, Alex O'Loughlin." I agree!

You know that I just had to get some screencap photos from the video. A couple of smile pictures.... Alex talking with his hands.... In two of my photographs, those manly hands & fingers are pointing to his mouth. Hmmmm....
is he subliminally trying to get us to look at his sexy lips. It couldn't just be my selective screen capturing, right? ;> He is too lush!

More fresh quality time with Alex O'Loughlin courtesy of UK's Living Channel. I am beginning to LOVE them! hahaha.... It just feels like soooooooooo long since we've had any new Alex moments. Living's new video interview with him is a welcome sighting. I could have done without the music tho. At times, it makes it difficult to hear his yummy Australian accented voice. I guess they thought the video needed some type of musical accompaniment... Wrong! Just Alex talking, please.

The interview begins with a little preview from Moonlight's pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01). Then, it is on to the good stuff....... chatting with Alex! I know you will be completely surprised to hear that he is intelligent, lovely, compelling, charming, sexy, interesting, funny. His trademark smiles make several appearances. The thing that does surprise me is we don't hear the *THUD* of the interviewer hitting the floor. ;>

I will try to give you a little interview transcript here because he says many insightful things about our show. And, due to the aforementioned musical drown out at times. I really enjoy how Alex thinks and talks about each topic covered. You know he has answered the same questions time after time.... but he doesn't sound like it.

Alex O'Loughlin on Moonlight

Alex says ~ The show is about a Vampire private eye who... um... was made a Vampire against his will... in the early 50's... by the woman who he fell in love with and married, on their wedding night. And he has since fallen in love with a mortal girl who he is sort of destined not to be with.

My character Mick St John is... um... he's a reluctant Vampire and he's essentially a humanist trapped in this immortal body that needs human blood to survive every day. So he... uh... he's put a few things in place that fit with his moral code like, he doesn't feed from humans. He goes to the blood bank and gets blood from like a dealer at the blood bank. Then, he takes it home and keeps it in the fridge. He sleeps in a freezer. He doesn't sleep in a coffin.

He fought the instinct from the very beginning as well. His wife had to go and find him because she was his sire so... um... as his sire... and as a woman who was deeply in love with him, you know which is why she turned him because she wanted to be with him forever... she has to bring him food. She has to capture humans and take them to him because he won't eat. He lives a life of control, basic denial about the situation.

Wanting to be with Mick forever is the reason why I understand Coraline!

Mick is not an ordinary person, but he thinks of himself as an ordinary person... he doesn't think of himself as a super human. I mean he knows he's a Vampire obviously but he regards himself more human than monster. But he does have special powers.... all of his senses are much more heightened than they were... than ours are. He's much stronger than he used to be. He can leap like up onto buildings. He can scale walls. He's got some pretty cool super powers. And he um... he uses them for good... you know, I mean... Becoming a private investigator is something that has helped him deal with what he is because he's helping other people. And the other thing is, when he eradicates predators... and these bad people from the earth... in his mind he's getting further away from the predator that he actually is.

There's a lot of different reasons why people watch supernatural stuff. Because they invoke the imagination. Because they stimulate parts of the mind and imagination that are not necessarily stimulated on a daily basis... you know... in our 9 to 5 grind... we sort of plug along and do what we do. I mean, we turn on the tv and see these mythical creatures and figments of other people's imagination and also figments of age old mythologies from many, many different cultures... which Vampires go back thousands of years and so many different cultures. So, I mean, it just poses questions constantly.

Alex O'Loughlin on acting

I know several ladies ~ who shall remain nameless ~ who will scream out loud during this part because Alex's tongue makes a pointed appearance. *wink*

As an actor.... even when you work regularly as an actor, unless you're an A list actor, you've still gotta kick and scream to get a job.... You know, it's hard work. Of course, I wish for work to come my way for a long time. I don't know if I wish for the show to go on forever and ever. I think... I don't know... if it was 3 or 4 years feels about right for this show. The other thing is, I'm gonna get older... so unless... unless Joel Silver's gonna pay for my surgery and my hair implants and you know my boob job and that stuff you need... then....

Alex O'Loughlin on age

I'm really glad the 20's are over... but I don't want to get to the 40's too soon. I just wanna enjoy the 30's. So I think I'm probably about right..... sorta 30, 31, 32 would be about right.

Alex O'Loughlin on Bond
~ He talks about auditioning/screen testing for the part of James Bond

It was a great honor to be considered really. I thought they were pullin my chain when they asked me to go to London and screen test. Um... I think I did a good job. Look... I knew I wouldn't get the role. I'm too young. That was a couple of years ago still from there... so yea... I was too young and I don't know if I was right for the role. I presume something about me was right for the role or otherwise they wouldn't have brought me to London. And, I think Daniel [Craig] did a terrific job. I think he's a great Bond.

He thinks there was "something" about himself that made them bring him to England. I can tell him what that something is........... talent! You thought I was gonna say being flawlessly gorgeous, didn't you? ha! That too, of course. However, the thing about Alex is he has the pure acting ability to go along with the crazy good looks. With many hot actors, you just want them to stand there and be pretty cuz they ruin the image as soon as they open their mouth. Not Alex!

Moonlight premieres in the UK on the Living Channel, Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 at 10:00 PM.

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