Friday, February 15, 2008

Why are a tv show's ratings important? Contact companies that advertise during Moonlight!

Why are a television show's ratings so important? I know you are shocked to hear that it is about making money. *grin* The network wants to sell commercial time to various companies. In order to do so, they need to be able to tell them that their message will be viewed by an enormous number of viewers..... who equal buyers. Next, the ratings are broken down into the coveted 18 to 49 age group. Those who fall in that demo are thought to be the ideal consumers with disposable income. As I am sure you know, the networks get their tv audience numbers from the Nielsen Ratings company. Unfortunately, it is a convoluted & hard to understand system of sample households, meters, diaries, surveys, Fast Nationals, Live Plus 7......

I hope that kinda made sense :) That is why we need to continue contacting the companies that advertise during Moonlight. We want them to know that they are reaching buyers by paying CBS to air commercials while our show is airing. Encourage them to stay with Moonlight when it returns again in April.

We've all been complaining about our viewership of Moonlight not counting because we don't have the Nielsen box. Please, continue to join me in sending feedback & postcards to CBS. Tell them that we watch our show every week, but don't count in the ratings since we are not Nielsen families!

This is a repost of the advertisers I was able to write down while watching the recent reruns of Fever (#1x04) and Arrested Development (#1x05) episodes.

Kay Jewelers
Cover Girl Lash Blast
Fiber Choice
Olive Garden Restaurants
Lens Crafters
RE/MAX Realtors
Pringle's Select
Chevy Malibu
AT&T Wireless
Hallmark Gold Crown Stores
Dr. Scholl's
Glad Force Flex Garbage Bags
Hyundai Santa Fe
Gone Baby Gone Movie DVD Release
Nissan Murano
Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber (S.C. Johnson)
Bayer Aspirin
Verizon Wireless
The Brave One ~ Jodie Foster ~ Movie DVD Release
Ford Focus
Pizza Hut
South Beach Living
Crest Pro Health Night Toothpaste
Turbo Tax
Ryobi Tools
Disney Snow Buddies Movie DVD
V8 VFusion
Glade Scented Oil Candles
Cox Digital Cable Bundle
LL Bean
Buick Vehicles
Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey's new film Fool's Gold


Anonymous said...

Earlier I posted a comment asking how they calculate the viewing numbers. Thanks Kandye for your clarification - it is very helpful.

I also found the following on the TVWeek website:

"If you own a TiVo, watch your recorded Moonlight episodes all over again (and again) because TiVo sends not only first run viewing information but REPEAT viewing information to CBS, and they DO pay attention to rewatching. They also pay attention when you watch the streaming episodes on the website".

I knew about the streaming video on the website, but not about the TIVO. So - those of us with TIVO - here is another way to send a message to CBS.

Thanks, as always, Kandye.... lets keep our fingers crossed that this isn't the final word.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the list of advertisers. I use as many as I can. I think contacting the advertisers and telling them that we use their products because of their association with Moonlight. Keep up the graear job, Kandye, love your blog. I use it s my Moonlight bible!!