Friday, February 15, 2008

Zap2it & Variety address Moonlight not being on CBS renewal list

Zap2it wrote about the television programs that have not received a second season pick up from CBS yet. Here is the information from their story ~

Among the shows that remain in limbo are beloved Monday comedy "How I Met Your Mother," slightly less beloved Monday comedy "Rules of Engagement," the James Wood drama "Shark," "The Unit" and cult vampire favorite "Moonlight." All of those shows (except possibly for "The Unit") are being brought back into production and will return in March and April for new episodes likely to determine their eventual fate. Presumably the network's schedule will still have room for several of those shows.

Also on uncertain footing is "Jericho," which was brought back from the dead after a fan campaign, but delivered middling returns in its Tuesday return. "Jericho" has finished shooting its mini-season, but six episodes have yet to air.,0,7341122.story

Variety has also published an article regarding the CBS press release detailing tv shows it has officially renewed. They have this to say about Moonlight not appearing on the list ~

Missing from the pickup list: critical fave laffer "How I Met Your Mother." Net hasn't yet determined the long-term fates of newcomers "Moonlight," "Cane" and "Welcome to the Captain," while "The Unit," "Shark," "Jericho," "Rules of Engagement" and "The New Adventures of Old Christine" also remain on the bubble.

This just confirms what we discussed previously. We need big, big ratings for the four new episodes of Moonlight that begin airing in April. I know that most of you are already contacting the network. Keep it up! While emails are great, remember that a landslide of snail mail is impressive. Even though it only takes a few short minutes and a stamp, it shows dedication to our show :)


Anonymous said...

How exactly do they decide what the viewing numbers are?

I have never understood that and until Moonlight never really cared.

Now I would like to understand how a network determines how many live viewers a show atttracted.

Does anyone know?

Sarah said...

Honestly, I mean, during new episodes we've been giving Moonlight key demographics and everything. What else is there to do on the scale of actual viewer numbers? It used to seem that CBS was really dedicated to Moonlight fans, making new fanvids and the like, and now they haven't really touched any of the material in a while and I'm not really sure why. Hopefully now that the writers are back they'll add to Beth's Journal or something so the site on CBS can get more hits. It's hard to get it a bunch of views when you know everything will be the same when you visit.

And I hope writing letters will help, and if it will I'll try my hardest to mail some.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what CBS expects to see that they haven't already seen from the show. Moonlight's ratings have been consistently consistent. I don't see much chance for a huge spike upwards in April. The show has retained it's core group of fans. The ratings have not done a downward slide like say, Bionic Woman, Cane or Journeyman and for a genre show, 8 million viewers is very good.

Cobby said...

What more can Moonlight prove to CBS? The fans are there and in love with the show. ML numbers are EXACTLY like Ghost Whisperer and what's the big hangup?? I don't understand this crap. Why don't they promote it using the promo they created for the UK. And why go through all the mechanisims of promoting it in Australia, UK and Alex mentioned he was in Europe doing the same thing in the interview he gave to Moonlight-Detective??????!!!!! Doesn't add up. There's a conspiracy against the show and it's not the fans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
I called Les Moonves office yesterday to voice my concern over the omission from CBS's fall pickup announcement. They transferred me to a woman who was fielding calls. The woman was very nice. She noted my comments and told me she would pass them along to the appropriate folks. I asked her what we Moonlight fans could do to help the situation and she suggested snail mail.

Lets make sure we are being EFFECTIVE in our campaign. That means:
- Write Letters. CBS wants a mountain of mail that they can photograph to show our dedication.
- Be nice in all your communication. They are more likely to do what we want if we are nice. For example, say: "I was disappointed to see the omission from the press release" instead of "what's wrong with you boneheads, not announcing season 2!?!"
- Mailing Addresses. It is OK to send a copy of the letter to each of the execs. Here are the addresses:
Les Moonves, CEO
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

Nina Tassler, President
CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112

- Let's put our heads together to organize a truly EFFECTIVE campaign.

Note to Kandye - I don't know if this is something you can do, but would it be possible for you to set up a Save Moonlight icon we could click on for posting like this one? That way our efforts won't get lost throughout all the other fabulous items on the message board. Face it, photos of Alex could distract even the most die hard campaigners. "wink, wink" Thanks and sorry for the long post.

Deborah said...

I, too, have sent letters to N. Tassler & L. Moonves. In my letters,I also added that MOONLIGHT's rating has been consistent good, especially for Friday nights. I requested that this show should be given a chance, especially after winning the PCA award for Favorite New TV Drama.

I also, called the offices of Tassler & Moonves, as well as the LA & NY Audience Services & left my comments.

Kandye, is there any way we fans can contact Joel Silver & let him know that what we fans are doing in supporting MOONLIGHT?

Moonlight said...

Hey Deborah ~

Sure! It is sweet of you to want to contact Joel Silver & let him know about your support for Moonlight :) Here is the address...

Silver Productions
4000 Warner Blvd Bldg 19
Burbank, CA 91522-0001

Cordially ~

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