Friday, February 8, 2008

Video ~ Final scene from Arrested Development (episode #1x05) ~ The Kiss!

SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't seen the Arrested Development episode (#1x05) yet. I know there are a lot of readers in England and other countries where Moonlight is about to premiere.

What did I tell you about Moonlight and the final scene!? They know how to end an episode. This video is of the last moments of tonight's repeat of Arrested Development. The Kiss! or Kisses to be exact :> I have watched this scene sooooo many times since it originally aired and again tonight. Still gives me goosebumps! Beth just takes charge and kisses Mick..... can you blame her? Then, Alex and those killer smiles..... when Mick shows Beth the keys he dropped and the perfect smile to sum up how he feels after that last kiss. Ooooooooooooo my!

The music playing during the kissing is Sleep by Meiko. Another great song choice!


Deborah said...

I, too, have watched this "kissing" scene countless times. It was mesmerizing. MOONLIGHT always had the best ending scenes. But this one was really the top because it was my favorite couple's first kisses. Of course, who could forget Mick's killer smile at the end! I just melted each time I watched the "kissing " scene!

Thanks, Kandye, for putting this video on.

Moonlight said...

Hiya Deborah ~

You are sooooooooo right! Since the pilot episode ended with that sweet hug scene between Mick and Beth, I've been saying that Moonlight gives its fans the best final scenes on television :)

XO ~

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