Friday, March 14, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin's 2003 tv commercial for Libra Tampons

For those of you who missed it before, I'm reposting the tv commercial Alex did in 2003 for Libra Tampons. Of course, it is the ad mentioned in his interview from my preceding post. He is too adorable and young in this :) "Mousey, Mousey! What?"

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Marla said...

This commercial is just adorable!
I haven't seen an actor so quick with a smile and giggle than Alex, as his interviews can attest to! I think that the little smiles we are so privledged to see in Moonlight might just be the real Alex peeking through. Many other actors would have undoubtedly played Mick as a bit more serious. I'm SOOO glad that CBS cast Alex as our gorgeous, reluctant vamp!!!