Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spoilers for Moonlight's episode #1x14 ~ Click

Spoilers for Moonlight's episode #1x14 ~ Click. These are a few tidbits from the script.... subject to change.


Buzzwire gets a new editor ~ Grant Lewis ~ and a new name ~ iTalk. Grant is not worried about ethics & whether or not a story is true. He wants to scoop TMZ, Ain't It Cool News, etc.

One of the paparazzi starts to notice how "unusual" Mick is.... the only person not eating or drinking in photos from the Ivy, etc.

This episode really reminds you that Moonlight is set in LA.

Beth is doing a story about the paparazzi, which ends up bringing her & Mick together.

Grant wants reporter "Ann Booker" to get the story of an actress who is said to be cursed, Tierney Tate. Mick happens to be looking after Tierney. Many assume he is her new boyfriend ~ including Beth?!?

Mick & Tierney end up at a bar where they run into her on again/off again boyfriend, Scott.... AND, Beth there with another man.

Tierney ~ "Hey, isn't that your friend?"
Mick turns to see who Tierney's talking about. He's surprised to see Beth at the bar with Jason Abbott. Alongside him, three dark suited men with grim looks on their faces.
Tierney ~ "I saw you with her at the Ivy."
Mick ~ "Yes. She's..... a friend."
Tierney ~ "Maybe more than a friend?"
Mick ~ "Are you getting jealous? We had something before, but it's over now. (beat) It's complicated."
Tierney ~ "God, I hate it when guys say that."
She shoves Mick towards Beth with a smile.
Tierney ~ "Go talk to her."
Tierney is a force that cannot be denied. Mick moves towards Beth. She sees him, and he nods towards the outside deck.

Just thinking...... We have never been introduced to any of the other Buzzwire reporters. This episode's script mentions someone named Ann Booker. Is this simply a code name for Beth? Perhaps, the writers are trying to disguise her role in the sides that were released for the new character, Grant Lewis. One of his exchanges with Ann is him saying that she has "a real instinct for the offbeat." That sounds like Beth's stories. Also, the paparazzi (Dean) who becomes suspicious of Mick contacts Ann threatening to investigate &/or expose Mick if she doesn't do what he says. She seems to be upset by his phone call. Why would she give in to his threats? To protect Mick? That implies that she already knows Mick's secret, or that she is suspicious too. Another possibility is that Ann is a new character being introduced to add tension to the MickBeth romance, like ADA Talbot. What do you think?


cobby said...

I think the comment Mick says to Tierney "are you getting jealous" is dumb & stupid in this situation, if he's only supposed to be protecting her from some crazy boyfriend. Plus he used that line with Beth when they were sitting side-by-side at BuzzWire, their knees were touching and Beth's hand accidentally falls?? down on Mick's hand resting on the communal desk. I think the episode was The Ringer. And she quickly lifts her hand up again.

Anonymous said...

This episode sounds really good. Can't wait. It looks like Moonlight is moving into a whole different direction. New Boss, new place, etc. I don't understand why Mick told Tierney's "are you jealous" isn't he jus pretending to be her boyfriend? Don't get that, also, the line he feeds Tierney about we use to have something, now its over, when did they ever have something, he is always pushing Beth away. I hope they are just pretending to act like they are over because of the cases they working on, since they are suppose to be undercover. I just hope these next 4 episode are going to be filled with some romance between Mick and Beth, because we are due. To much doom and gloom in the last couple of episode LLF and TMC, They need some fun and loving time.

Francesca said...

Hey everyone,

I wasnt aware that they had something going? If they did i sure missed it. I hope that line changes because it makes no change. Something is not right with Beth and Mick and that makes me sad.

These next two episodes sound great i just cant wait and April is just to far away.

The new DA is a major hunk but he will never beat our Mick/Alex...