Thursday, March 20, 2008

International Moonlight fans helping the show

I receive tons of messages from international Moonlight fans.... in Brazil, Australia, England, Italy, Ireland and other countries. :) Many have asked how they can support our show from so far away. This is a list I created for those outside the US to be able to help Moonlight without it costing you postage or phone charges. I am thrilled that you wanna let CBS know how much you love Moonlight and that you are demanding a second season renewal too!

Of course, those of us here in the States can use these also :)

Audience Services
Email link:

Les Moonves (CEO of CBS)
Email link:

CBS Online Feedback Form URL link:

Please, visit the official CBS website for Moonlight often. They track the number of hits each show's page receives. We want huge numbers for our show!

URL link:

Networks wanna make money, so let them know we are willing to spend $$$ on our show. Request Moonlight merchandise at

Speaking of money.... You can also contact and thank the companies that advertise during Moonlight. You will find several posts on my blog that list these great businesses. To easily find those posts ~ and others with ideas for supporting Moonlight ~ click on the "Save Our Vampire" button at the top left hand side of this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. aside from bombarding youtube with my moonlight video's I always wondered what I could do to get through to CBS. Thanks for the info!