Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mesmerizing fan video dedicated to Jason Dohring as Josef

Love it! Tuesdayangel has created a wonderful fan video dedicated to Jason Dohring as our Josef. Great Moonlight scenes that make me miss him even more.... including shirtless Josef... YUM! She chose the perfect song to go with the images ~ Mesmerized by Faith Evans. I hope we are given lots more Jason on Moonlight in the future. Is it April 25th yet?


cobby said...

OMG, that was fun. I've watched ML's episodes so much I know all the lines. The music doesn't get in my way.

His boyish face is absolutely adorable.

"Daddy's a little grumpy".....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandye,
I don't know for sure if my previous thank you's have reached you, so now I'm posting them wherever I think I can reach you.{like a little stalker:-)}
I just wanted to say thank you for posting my Josef video on your page! And thanks for the good job you do with moonlight.