Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moonlight & its great fans mentioned in two Zap2it website articles

Daniel Fienberg, from Zap2it, has written an article spurred mainly by the recent cancellation of Jericho. He addresses the fans reaction to that, as well as bringing up past beloved but lost shows ~ such as Firefly, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, etc. While I do not personally think Moonlight is the cause of Jericho not being renewed, I (of course) like what he says about Moonlight fans. :) Daniel also has the same complaints we do about the way television ratings are tabulated. "The ratings system is a crock." I'm posting a bit of his article for you.

Fans shouldn't blame CBS for cancelling 'Jericho' again

Want somebody or something to blame, Jericho fans? Try Moonlight. The Friday night drama has consistently drooped in ratings between Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs delivering an audience which, under normal circumstances -- this being the network that cancelled Close to Home, which would have been a hit anywhere else -- wouldn't be enough for renewal. But I have to believe that CBS is terrified by the dedication and level of obsession from the Moonlight fans. If the network's going to pick up one low-rated drama for next year, it'll be Moonlight, because CBS would rather weather another sea of goobers than deal with irate care packages full of blood.

Can I just say that I agree with y'all on one thing: The ratings system is a crock. If you want to make your fortune, develop a better way of measuring TV audience size than what Nielsen currently does. You couldn't do worse. But TV networks can only do business with what they have available, so your letters that start with "I watch Jericho religiously and so do my 100 best friends and none of us have Nielsen boxes" really won't have much of an impact. CBS tried to do business a different way this past year and you got seven new episodes out of it.

That's not bad.

Ask angry fans of Journeyman or Drive or Firefly if they would be satisfied with another seven episodes. Jericho fans probably shouldn't complain to Cane fans about CBS not giving them enough of a chance to find an audience. Airing in the Tuesday death slot, Cane averaged 8.9 million viewers this season, but nobody invited Cane to make new episodes after the strike ended. In that same time slot, Jericho averaged 6.8 million viewers.

My point isn't to malign the most passionate of Jericho fans or to rub salt in the wounds so soon after the last salt massage.

The point is just to say... Why the anger? Again! I understand sadness or frustration or a little bit of resignation. But why so mad? Two DVD sets with 29 episodes? That's not so bad. The Prisoner only aired 17 episodes. Fawlty Towers aired 12. My Freaks and Geeks DVD set has 18 episodes, one more than my Undeclared set.

Why should Tuesday night be about venting your spleen at CBS, at the tastes of American viewers at Nielsen?

Why not just say good-bye to Jake and Hawkins and the rest of the gang?

There'll be plenty of new shows to obsess over soon enough, at least until they're cancelled.


Zap2it mentions Moonlight in another article. We've all been concerned about the ratings for the Price is Right specials that CBS has been airing on Friday nights.

The network's "The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular" specials have been performing so well on Friday nights that CBS wants to milk the Drew Carey franchise for all its worth, ordering for new primetime specials for May sweeps.

Don't worry, though, "Moonlight" fans. These new "Price Is Right" installments will air on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m., the slot currently occupied by "Big Brother -- 'Til Death Do Us Part."



cobby said...

I suppose he's right with his comments, "if Jericho fans want someone to blame it should be Moonlight" and our drooped numbers?? Squeezed inbetween GW & Numbers is the only reason we stayed on the air, but I don't want to hear it.

As others have mentioned on other TVGuide blogs for other shows....WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR A SHOW TO STAY ON THE AIR....DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE A "BLOCKBUSTER"?? IF IT'S NOT, THEN IT'S IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED. Unfortunately it's always about money and that's why there's always trash & crap (and we all know which shows they are) on the "boob tube" cause that's who those kinds of shows attract....BOOBS. Whatever happened to integrity and artistic quality and the building of a show and it's viewership numbers which only comes with time but time is never given nowadays in the TV Biz and we fans have to put up with it.....the "Biz" makes me sick.

I hope Moonlight gets at least one more season for us to relish in the fantasy, romance and our wonderful MickBeth.

Moonlightfan forever.

Anonymous said...

WTH!!!why should Jericho fans blame Moonlight for their cancellation. The viewers just weren't there this time around. I don't get it. Also, I know Moonlight doesn't pull in stellar ratings like GW and Numbers, but the ratings were good enough we always averaged over 7 million and 8 million viewers and we ALWAYS won in both demos and we always won the hour. I know it's all about the money, but Moonlight did well in that time slot and our ratings we always consistent. I personally don't watch GW don't like it, and on occasion I'll watch Numbers.

As for other shows, what shows all we see today is reality crap and game shows. I will never understand how and what people watch all these reality crap. Personally, these shows are an insult to my intellegence, I just watch had to watch one for the sake of it Moment of Truth I was appauled. YUCK!!! I had to turn after 5 minutes. Tv today is an emabarrasment. You can count on your fingers today how many shows are really worth watching, not many, I only watch Moonlight, House, and NCIS, all CSI's there all the same.

One day TV will be a thing of the past.