Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moonlight's UK ratings for Fever episode (#1x04)

Moonlight's airing of Fever (episode #1x04) moved our show up to third place on the Living TV channel's ratings chart! And, again, gained viewers :) This continues the steady weekly increase. I hear from many new UK fans who are so excited about Moonlight. The obsession is spreading! *wink*

Living TV Channel Ratings Chart

Week 4 ~ Fever (episode #1x04)

1 America's Next Top Model - Mon 2100 - 523,000
2 Most Haunted - Tue 2100 - 260,000
3 MOONLIGHT - Tue 2200 - 237,000
4 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Wed 2101 - 193,000
5 America's Next Top Model - Mon 2000 - 193,000
6 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Thu 2100 - 172,000
7 Ghost Whisperer - Mon 2200 - 164,000
8 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Thu 2302 - 157,000
9 CSI Miami - Sun 2101 - 157,000
10 CSI Miami - Sun 2200 - 150,000


Moonlight said...

Wow...there are only three shows that aren't CBS. I wonder if CBS will consider Moonlight's rating on Living.


cobby said...

Kandye, when you hear from the Brits don't forget to tell them about B.C. If they're hot for the show now, wait till they get a load of that episode (my absolute favorite)

Moonlight said...

Hiya Cobby ~

B.C. (episode #1x06) aired in the UK last Tuesday. I posted the British article about Holly that was published because of that episode.

Several of the English tv gurus & fans have told me that their ratings system is very different. Apparently, BARB charges for the info... and it is expensive. So, everyone waits for the free info to come out. That is why the UK ratings are always a couple of weeks behind.

XO ~

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