Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spoilers for Moonlight's new episode ~ What's Left Behind (#1x15)

SPOILERS ~ Information about Moonlight's four new episodes is really flowing now! We are already getting hints about the storyline for episode #1x15. The third of our four remaining shows for this season.

As usual, do not read if you want to be surprised. Script subject to change.......

SPOILER ALERT!!! ~ Moonlight's Episode #1x15 ~ What's Left Behind ~ Airdate May 9th, 2008

Just as Beth was herself kidnapped as a child, a little girl is taken in this episode.... six year old Jess Fordham. She has been hearing noises and having nightmares. Of course, her family just thinks this is the usual afraid of the dark/monsters thing that happens with many children.

The vampire nation is concerned by her disappearance. Josef seems to know members of the little girl's family. He investigates her kidnapping with a woman named Sally. They search for papers at the crime scene. It looks like the papers are also missing.

ADA Talbot is investigating a classic car chop shop.

Coraline returns! She is researching documents, photos & blueprints at a library.

Is this kidnapping connected to Coraline's similar act with Beth? Or, is she still doing research for the "cure?"

No Mick and Beth spoilers for this episode.... or.... are the writers just messing with our brains?! :> Is "Sally" a code name for Beth? For that matter, is Josef actually going to do some investigating? Or, is it Mick? As we know, writers have been known to use code names to keep people guessing. I think it would be fun to see Josef and Beth working together tho.


Anonymous said...

This episode sounds interesting. But one thing that doesn't jive with me is Josef and this girl named Sally doing the investigating on a disapperance, it doesn't seem like something Josef would do. I have a feeling that Josef and this Sally girl is actually Mick and Beth. I think the writers are on to us so they are diguising the characters. There is no way they would keep Mick and Beth out of an episode, they are the principal character of the show and why oh why did Coraline have to come back GRRRR!!! couldn't she stay where she was.

Anyway, that's what I think. Is it April yet.

kookiegirl said...

Will have to agree w/anonymous's comment on Josef and Sally doing investigations, seems to me they're probably trying to keep a bit of the mistery of the epi under wraps as spoilers for the last epis are popping up as fast as popcorn...but then again, its nice to see Josef doing some investigation like Mick and getting into the action as well, and I'm all for that!!

Anonymous said...

What? Spoiler oN ep. 15 already! I do like that Jason (Josef) will get more air time. But, I will be very disappointed if I won't get to see any Mick/Beth moments. Also, I don't mind that Coraline will be back in this episode. She does "spice" up the show. I wonder how did she escape from the sire & Lance. As usual, I am sure it will be a memorable & intriguing episode.

Thanks again, Kandye, for all your updates. All your information have lessened my MOONLIGHT drought.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I agree with the first poster. Since when does Josef do ANY investigative work? If anything, the most he's ever involved is making occasional comments toward Mick, (whether snide or helpful is really up to his mood, I guess, lol) so I find that highly unlikely. I'm hoping it's a disguise, because honestly, I love Josef and wouldn't mind a Josef-centric episode, but that's not his element. It would throw people off of his personality like, MAJORLY. I mean, the guy didn't even want to jump up onto the roof of a house, and he's supposed to investigate something? Hmmm. Seems a bit circumspect, lol.

faymay said...

Hey all you Moonlight fans, i have a question for you... I'm a very new fan(as of this last weekend thanks to my Moonlight obssesed friend) and have been perusing the internet since on the broadcast date for the nexr few episodes... anyhow, my question is : Why are there photos of Beth and Josef Kissing online? Did I miss something?

Moonlight said...

Hi Faymay ~

Welcome to the addiction! *grin* Moonlight's next new episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13) ~ airs this Friday, April 25th, 2008. Can't wait! The reason you see photos/videos of Mick and Beth's kiss already is because CBS sends out spoiler promos before the episodes air. They want to get us all riled up :)

Feel free to ask any Moonlight questions you may have!

XO ~

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