Saturday, March 8, 2008

More SPOILERS for Moonlight's next episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13)

More spoiler fun from the script for Moonlight's next new episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13)! Be prepared..... this is not as vague as the first info that leaked out. :>


Mick asks Beth to come over for dinner.....

Beth ~ You're going to cook me dinner?
Mick ~ I'm gonna try.
Beth ~ Is this like a "date"?
Mick ~ If you want it to be.
Beth thinks about the ramifications of a "date" with Mick.
Beth ~ Yeah. I do.

I know you are breathless after that.... but you are gonna need to take a DEEP breath before reading what happens next!

ADA Talbot, Mick and Beth confront a plastic surgeon about the death of a patient. While questioning Doctor Anderson in his office, Mick realizes that he is a Vampire. He tries to protect Beth and Talbot. Anderson shoves Beth aside, splitting her lip in the process. The vamp sends Mick smashing through his glass desk. Mick is knocked out. :( Beth shoots Anderson, but of course that does not stop him.

A groggy Talbot opens his eyes just long enough to see Anderson take a long lick of Beth's cheek.

Anderson ~ Hmmm. Type AO Negative. Very tasty.

Josef arrives. Mick is still motionless & covered with glass from the desk. Josef feeds Mick his blood! Mick comes to and transforms back into a Vampire. THEN..... Josef and Mick fight Anderson, & his sidekick vamps, together!

Anderson (re Mick's appearance) ~ You're a......
Mick ~ Oh yeah.
Anderson's two thugs move to intercept Mick and Josef.
Josef ~ It is SO on
What ensues is a full-on, knock down, drag out, VAMPIRE ASS KICKING FIGHT. It will be brutal, bloody and deadly.

Mick, more skilled and practiced, fights methodically, while Josef fights with a fury and the reckless abandon of someone thoroughly enjoying himself.

Throughout the fight, Talbot & Beth remain blindfolded, or at least semi-blindfolded.

Hmmmmm.... I wonder if the vamp investigation that was originally written for Josh will now be given to the new ADA.

Mick and Josef move to Beth and Talbot.
Mick ~ It's okay. I'm here.
He takes off her blindfold. She sees his face. No wounds.
Beth ~ How? Mick, what happened?
Mick ~ I... Like they say, life's short.
Mick unties a confused Beth and scoops her into his arms.

Our writers are the absolute best! They never let us down.

Again, this info is how the script reads for now. Things can change. Remember in the original script for The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12), Celeste was supposed to be helping Josh investigate Vampires. In the finished product, she had become his jeweler. I really hope they don't change a thing! This is my kinda action episode :) You know that I have been dreaming of the day we get to see Josef in action. Some of my fave scenes are when he & Mick worked together in The Ringer (episode #1x07). It would make me too happy if they keep the "Vampire ass kicking fight" scenes!

I was already counting the days til April 25th.... How am I gonna wait to see what happens now!?!?


ta said...

You do not know how much I needed that! Thanks for sharing. You are the best!

Cobby said...

Kandye, I hope the dinner date is real and remains in the script. In light of the fact that Mick turns back to vamp (which I agree and like) that Mick & Beth at least have some words of affection, of course I wish love words, and hopefully they at least kiss or something for real. I'm thinking Beth might not to be with Mick when he's a vamp. (personally I'd take him in any condition)

I too am extremely excited to get on with ML eps.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking/hoping if "they" don't get MickBeth together someway it's a GOOD THING. They want to continue the show and save the good stuff for much later, like in renewal, therefore they don't want to show their hands now. If by the 4th ep they do get them together I'm afraid our beloved show will be over. I certainly hope not, they can't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!OMG!!! I cannot wait till this episode. The wait was long enough, after reading these spoilers, it's going to feel even longer :(. I'm so happy we're getting MickBeth moments. The writers sure know what we want and they did not dissapoint us with episode.. Hurry up April 25th. We are all salvating.

Vincenza said...

OMG OMG OMG......April 25th can't get here fast enough!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing. 4/25 can't come soon enough.

Vamp37 said...

OMG! I seriously have goosebumps!!
thank you so much for posting this!

Anonymous said...

The only thing they need to change is that part where Anderson licks Beth and knows what blood type she is. Because if a vampire can tell what blood type a human is by just licking them, then Mick shouldn't have acted so surprised when he found out Beth's blood type in ep 11. He would have known in "Fever" what her blood type is, or even before that.

The rest is freaking awesome!

cobby said...

It still irks me when blogger FANS are still nitpicking inconsistancies with our show.

Ashley said...

I have chills from reading that. I hope they keep the date scene. I'm really interested in seeing the big fight scene. I love to watch Mick kick some I can't wait to see Josef in action. April 25th can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Kandye, Kandye! Oh My! I was screaming reading the lines. I am So excited and thrilled just thinking about the show coming back. I can't WAIT. Everything you do for us fans is so AWESOME! Thank you so much. I won't even care if they do change some of it from this sneak peek. I just want it BACK! COME ON APRIL 25- GET HERE FAST!

KissMeMick said...

Kandye Thank you so much for this AWESOME web site and all the Great SUPER Incredible stuff you share with us fans. I CAN'T WAIT! I whooped and hollared the whole time I was reading the lines! THIS IS Gonna be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I am realy excited but I don't think the show is going the way I wish. I think they should have them get together briefly before he turns back to a vamp and then when he does turn they can't be together anymore. It would be so bitter sweet and romantic. maybe she would even get pregnant. How is that for a turn. she obviously couldn't stay pregnant though. i better at least get a little physical action between them.

Anonymous said...

this is going to be awesome. now theres a video on youtube!!!