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New Jason Dohring interview and article in Portrait Magazine

Portrait is an informative and fun online magazine. In their March 2008 issue, they have a new article & interview with our Jason. Angela Lee did a wonderful job with this feature!

Jason Dohring: In Demand
By Angela Lee

Over the past few months we’ve received many requests to feature the one and only Jason Dohring. Just like the man himself, Portrait is more than happy to deliver fans requests, and with great timing too! On the occasion of this talented actor’s birthday later this month, Portrait presents to you this must have guide to Jason Dohring.

You know him best as the tortured but snarky Logan Echolls on “Veronica Mars” and the mischievous vampire Josef Konstan on “Moonlight”, and although these two characters share similar characteristics, Jason is different to his alter egos. “It’s funny – I always get these characters that I’m so afraid of – I so feel like I can’t…I’m like, this is so not me. With Logan, I thought, “Why me? I’m a nice guy,” says Jason, who interestingly enough originally auditioned for the role of nice guy Duncan Kane on “Veronica Mars”.

It’s one thing to imagine Jason not playing Logan on “Veronica Mars”, but can you imagine if Jason wasn’t a regular on the show? No way right? Initially, Jason was meant to be a guest star and Michael Muhney’s Sheriff Lamb was meant to be a regular instead. “I think Logan became a much bigger character than anticipated. It’s the result of Jason Dohring being an engaging performer that all the writers wanted to write for him,” divulges show creator Rob Thomas.

When “Veronica Mars” came to an end, Jason’s popularity carried onto “Moonlight” and grew even more. Not actually part of the original “Moonlight” cast, since Josef was a 60 year old man, Jason found himself a contender when the show received an overhaul. Aware of Jason’s talent, executive producer of “Moonlight” Joel Silver, who was also the executive producer on “Veronica Mars”, pushed for Jason to be cast on “Moonlight”. “I would say very influential is an understatement, because he [Joel] pushed for me all the way,” reveals Jason. “He really did. Once they made this character into a 25 year old, he though of me and took me all the way through the network.” And just like on “Veronica Mars”, Jason’s “Moonlight” co-stars love him too! “Jason is just, like the most other-centred person that I know. He’s always thinking about other people, he’s always, he’s so generous with his time. I’d work again with him in a heartbeat,” Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Mick St John, told Moonlight-Detective.Com in an interview recently.

While his co-stars may gush about him and Jason is respectfully in awe of them as well, is there anyone that Jason would love to work with in the future? “I’d love to work with Ryan Gosling, I think he’s awesome. I think Jeff Bridges is unbelievable. I think he’s very underrated. Alfred Molina, I love. I think Meryl Streep is fantastic, I think she does amazing work. Jessica Lange is beautiful,” praises Jason.

Onscreen he’s had his fair share of love interest as the misunderstood-but-really-just-wants-to-be-loved-rich-kid on “Veronica Mars” to the billionaire playboy on “Moonlight”, but in real life Jason only has eyes for his wife Lauren, who is a painter.

The pair met in high school and were friends before they started dating, and married in 2004. “At the end of the day, it’s great to have someone who is your good friend to talk to and being able to be around someone you can be yourself with makes for a long lasting relationship,” says Jason. “It’s just so comfortable.”

Also highlighting the difference between Jason and his alter egos is the close relationship that Jason has with his family. Born on 30 March, 1982 in Ohio, to Doug and Laurie Dohring, Jason William Dohring is big brother to twins Robert and Jonathan, and twins Kelsey and Kirsten. That’s right, two sets of twins! “We don’t have twins anywhere else in the family so it’s like a one in a million chance,” says Jason. In fact it was through his siblings who were child actors (Kelsey and Kirsten played Chrissy on “Growing Pains”), that Jason got into acting. From the age of eight to twelve, Jason starred in commercials such as one for American Express and Sharp Electronics, before moving onto guest appearances in television shows such as “Roswell”, “Judging Amy”, “Once and Again”, “Boston Public”, “Jag”, and “Cold Case”. He has also starred in films such as Deep Impact, Black Cadillac, The Deep Below, and the Disney movie Ready to Run.

Although Jason shot to international fame with his role on “Veronica Mars” and has now become increasingly recognized for his work on Moonlight, Jason is continually looking for ways to better his acting skills. “I just try keeping an eye open for new stuff, listening, watching movies,” he says. In between filming seasons of “Veronica Mars”, Jason continued to take acting classes to further develop his craft. (See? How awesome and humble is this guy?) But if he wasn’t an actor, what would he do? “I would probably be like, I don’t know. A race car driver? A motorcycle driver? Something like that – that sounds like fun. Maybe a teacher. An acting teacher? I like people,” ponders Jason.

One thing that you may not know about Jason is that he is a 2nd generation Scientologist. There may have been some colourful ideas associated with the religion, but for Jason it has aided him creatively, so who are we to complain? “The misconceptions that occur with people who haven’t ever read a book about it, or don’t know what it’s about. They’re just taking someone else’s false opinion of what it is,” explains Jason. “Just for me, it saved my acting career. I became a professional through Scientology…I understand acting better because Scientology is the study of life.”

Also an inspiration to Jason are his fans, who Jason has nothing but praise for. “I’m a huge fan of fans and it is so fantastic when they write in; I love that. You get real feedback and it’s inspiring to keep on your game and keep trying,” declares Jason. Thanks to his work on “Veronica Mars” and “Moonlight”, Jason has an ever-growing fanbase but he hasn’t let it go his head, instead remaining ever so humble. It’s one thing to acknowledge fans and another to truly appreciate them, which is what Jason does. “Meeting Jason in person is something that never gets old. He takes the time to get to know you when you’re talking to him each time, and really remembers as much as he can the next time he sees you,” says dedicated Jason fan, Roz Foster, who has been lucky enough to have met Jason on several occasions. Echoing Roz’s sentiments is another loyal Jason fan fortunate enough to have met him – Jennifer Riddle. “He’s such an easy-going guy and really treats his fans with love and respect. He loves his job, but he loves his fans even more, and you can see it when you meet him in person,” says Jennifer. “He’s very down to Earth and will pretty much do anything you ask of him. Whether it’s taking a picture, signing an autograph, or even calling one of your friends because they couldn’t make the trip to meet him.”

Aww. Passionate, dedicated, talented, appreciative, good looking, humble – no wonder everyone loves him!

*Fast Facts*

Favorite movies – One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest, Jerry Maguire. Love Actually, Crash.

Favorite TV shows – “Family Guy”, “Deadwood”, “The Office”.

Acting Idols – Sean Penn, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Gary Oldman

Music Tastes – “I have such a range, it’s ridiculous. Elton John, Postal Service, Reo Speedwagon, some country. I like music that has emotion. I love to feel that passion that music has,” says Jason.

Jason is actually quite a big sports guy. His sports range from golf to tennis, baseball to basketball, snowboarding to volleyball.

Jason can cook – “I’ll have you know I make awesome artichokes and salads, as well as steak,” he says.

Jason is very passionate when it comes to children and prescription drugs – “I have very strong opinions about the psychiatric drugging of children. Pisses me off that we prescribe a drug to kids (Ritalin) that is in the same class as heroin,” declares Jason.

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