Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SPOILER ALERT ~ Info for Moonlight's next NEW episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13)

FINALLY! It is spoiler time for the first new Moonlight episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13) airing on Friday, April 25th, 2008. Getting back to our normal routine makes the return feel more real. It is wonderful to have something new to discuss! Unlike the rumored spoilers that floated around recently, this has been confirmed with several sources. Do not read if you wanna be surprised :)


Maureen, Beth's editor & boss at Buzzwire, is killed not long after confiding to Beth about a hot story to chase. Benjamin Talbot, a new ADA, is in charge of her murder investigation. Of course, Mick and Beth begin their own investigation. Talbot warns them that if any evidence is tainted it would mean that Maureen's killer would walk. Beth & Mick's snooping leads them to Bonnie. She is the daughter of a local politician on the verge of being elected mayor. She is also hiding a huge, painful secret about him. Keeping this secret is tearing her up. She tries to commit suicide, but Mick comes to her rescue with an understanding ear, and some "human speed" reflexes.

Wow! My thoughts...... Poor Beth! Another person close to her is going to die. :( Mick is obviously still human in this episode. From what I read in the script, that does not stop him from putting himself in danger to help others. We knew that he would still be our big hearted Mick whether he is human or vamp :) Mick and Beth working together again! YEA! It also appears that new ADA Talbot is not fond of Mick. Hmmmm.... a little tension added to the story. As you know, the script is subject to change.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, finally, a spoiler! This does make the return that much more realistic, and that much more exciting! You mentioned having read one of the script you possibly have a link for people who would like to read it?

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!I'm so happy. It seems so sureal, to finally a spoiler for the upcoming episode, looks like it's going to be a good one. Poor Beth she just can't seem to catch a break, first Josh and now Maureen, she is already an emotional wreck after losing Josh, geez, Hopefully this latest drama will lead her into Mick arms for some comfort. Please, Please. At least they will be working together on the case. Hmm I wonder about this new AD, and what is up with him not liking Mick, ooooooo I'm thinking he's been doing some backgorund check on our Mick, hmmmmm, it could possibly make a for good storyline in the future.

cobby said...

I do hope Mick & Beth at least mention their feelings. I'm thinking if the writers/CBS/producers or whomever don't get them together, within the 4 new eps, TO ME I THINK THAT'S A GOOD THING, 'cause I'm thinking if the eps don't appear to be "wrapping" up the story line to a final conclusion, perhaps CBS already knows, and they're not spilling the beans, that they plan on renewing ML.