Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video ~ A brief interview with Holly Valance

Holly Valance was interviewed by a UK reporter when she attended the Moonlight event at the Paley Center for Media last Tuesday night. The Nottingham Evening Post published the brief chat. Holly talks about working in Hollywood... and Alex jokes about what goes on at home with Mick's teeth.

Dating a vampire 'sucks', says Holly

Former Neighbours star Holly Valance has joked that dating a vampire "sucks".

The Aussie actress currently lives in LA with boyfriend Alex O'Loughlin - the star of spooky US vampire series Moonlight.

Holly turned out to support her man at a Q&A at the Paley Centre for Television in Beverly Hills, and joked that dating a blood sucker has its ups and downs.

"It sucks, isn't that the worst joke? No, it's fun," she said.

Alex joked: "Holly loves it - I've got teeth at home and we keep some blood in the fridge, all sorts of antics going on behind closed doors! She's great, she's really supportive, she's awesome."

While Alex has been filming, Holly revealed she's been taking things easy.

"At the moment I'm in hiatus, that's what I like to call my lazy times - in between jobs, auditioning. We've been away for Christmas for a few months and it was nice sitting at home on the beach," she said.

And she revealed she has no plans to return to Australia just yet as she's enjoying Tinseltown.

"Most of the time people love Aussies here and they also appreciate if you've done some hard time on a soap opera because it's kind of like a baptism of fire into the industry," she said.

"You work such long hours and it's such a tough gig. When you come here everything seems like you're coming into heaven on set here - in Neighbours we shared like a trailer with like 30 of us, here you get your own."


cobby said...

I want to like her...but it's hard cause I'm so jealous. I'm sure she's a very nice woman and it appears they, Mick & Holly, are committed to each other. He certainly openly professes his love for her and he mentions in the "TVGuide Sexiest Stars" video that she makes him sexy since he says she ADORES him. So it sounds like all is well behind their closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Must be sooo hard to be Holly----Let me see---she is young, a model/actress, has just gone home to Australia with Alex for A FEW MONTHS vacation, is in her LAZY time "between jobs", and has a love-sick Alex come home to her every night. Kinda hard to not want to strangle her every time I wake up at 5:15 to go to work and come home to the kids and bills. Jealous doesn't do justice to what I feel!

Anonymous said...

"She's really supportive(says Alex), and "She has no plans to go back to Australia any time soon--she's enjoying tinseltown."

First of all,what's not to support?? He will be off for long periods of time in between filming, and because he is working and making good money, she doesn't have to. And, why would she ever WANT to go back to Australia? She has it made here! Sheesh! Has she been put on a false pedestal, or what?