Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sophia Myles interview from Moonlight's Paley Center for Media event

MSN UK has a short, fun inteview with Sophia from the Paley Center for Media's Moonlight event. I chuckled at her description of living in Los Angeles with & without a job, as well as her comment that "They don't want English blood." Also, I agree with her about Moonlight being renewed.

Sophia loves life in LA

British actress Sophia Myles says she's loved sinking her teeth into new US vampire show Moonlight, and says filming in Hollywood has been a "dream come true".

Speaking at a special Q&A with fans held in Beverly Hills, the actress said joining the cast had been amazing.

She said: "I was really excited to play an American. I've done so many period dramas that to play a contemporary girl that works 9 to 5 was interesting. Also to get the opportunity to work at Warner Bros Studios it's just a dream come true."

The actress added: "LA is a fantastic city, when you're employed here it's the most fabulous city in the world - when you're unemployed you want to commit suicide. I've had different times in my life and different relationships with this city, but right now it's rocking."

Sophia is confident that the show has earned a second series, saying: "I'll be shocked if there isn't [another season]. I'll be really disappointed in CBS if there isn't."

To show the networks how much they love the show, fans even gave blood in a special Red Cross drive in the reception area of the Paley Television Centre. Unfortunately, Sophia wasn't able to join in.

She said: "I'm not allowed to give blood. All of our fans are allowed to give blood to try and bring the show back, but I can't because I'm not an American citizen. They don't want English blood."

Moonlight airs in the UK on LIVING on Tuesdays at 10pm.

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