Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fan Video ~ Mick St John scenes set to Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

Do you mind watching another Mick St John fan video? hehehehe! Slayashell uses wonderful Mick scenes from Moonlight to go along with the song Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. Close ups of Alex O'Loughlin's expressive eyes, lips....... Sorry, what was I saying!?

The video begins with one of my fave moments of MickBeth banter ~
Beth ~ Obviously, she had a thing for Vampires.
Mick ~ Yea, I guess they are back in style. You know, some people actually find them attractive.
Beth ~ wrinkling nose ~ Really?
Mick ~ Yea

The look on his face is priceless!


cobby said...

Oh Kandye, that's is MY MOST FAVORITE SCENE TOO.....and I lost that episode on my DVR, after I waited so long for the 1st rerun to appear. (I don't know how he did that facial expression but it was PERFECT..(here Mick thought he was kinda flirting and then Beth shot it down with that cute little crinkled up nose of hers) and then his expression. I can only enjoy it when I find a particular clip on YouTube and I never write it down so I can visit it again and again. Thanks for all you do for us ML lovers. Anxiously waiting for 4/25. I'm trying not to think about it so then the days will go faster. Love Ya, Cobby

cobby said...

OK, so now I watched it, my first comment was BEFORE viewing....WOW, that was PERFECT....a nice change of pace from all the OTHER CLIPS. The sex in the first 12 eps was so subtle you hardly knew it was there, now I see just how many scenes there were, unfortunately they weren't with Beth but plenty hot with Coraline. OUR BAD GIRl.

thanks for keeping us current.