Friday, April 4, 2008

Yahoo! TV UK & Ireland's brief new interview with Sophia Myles

Another fun, quick interview with Sophia Myles from Yahoo! TV UK & Ireland. We have heard Alex talk about the long hours they put in on Moonlight's set. Here, Sophia also describes the grueling amount of time that goes into filming our show.

Moonlight Becomes Her

Sophia Myles has starred in some of the biggest projects of the past few years. She was Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds; the eponymous heroine in Tristan + Isolde, and is now making a name for herself in US hit series Moonlight.

The 28-year-old Brit admits she's having a great time making the spooky thriller series [playing Beth Turner], despite an often-gruelling schedule.

"We work days the first few days of the week then we claw back further and further, so towards the end of the week we'll work Thursday night into Friday morning; sleep Friday then work Friday night into Saturday morning.

"We call that day 'Fratterday' because it completely obliterates you. You only get a one day weekend because you sleep all day Saturday."

How would she describe the series?

"Moonlight is sexy, sexy, sexy, but for all the right reasons. I just think there's something rather magical about it actually, and it's just a beautiful story. It's a joy for us to tell it. I hope our audience will carry on lapping it up and enjoying it."

Moonlight can be seen Tuesdays at 10pm on Living.


Alexandra said...

What a great interview, and I love Sophia Myles. My Friday nights are empty until Moonlight comes back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that sweet interview. LOL,Fratterday,I'm loving it. Believe Sophia we love, love, love Moonlight, never doubt that. Same with you Alexandra, my Friday nites are so empty and boring, nothing to look forward to after a long work week. *sigh* 2 more weeks till Moonlight and 3 more weeks till new episodes, This is torture.

Anonymous said...

Both Alex and Sophia have mentioned that our show is SEXY, SEXY!!!...I wonder what sort of scenes they've been filming...ummm... I CAN'T WAIT!