Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) is available for viewing online

CBS has already posted the full Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13) for viewing on Moonlight's official website. Let the streaming begin :) We can watch the video all we want online..... and you know the network will be checking to see just how many times we do watch it!


Lyn said...

OMG!! How great was this episode??? So much to take in - ESPECIALLY that "turning" scene. Alex keeps saying "we have something for everyone" and I would say now that is definitely true!

How well did Alex convey the different human Mick? Very subtly but his every move looked lighter, younger and happier. As he told Beth "the real him". How touching was his obvious pleasure at being able to fuss Travis?

For the first time they both said out loud that they loved each other. How cool that Beth pointed out what Josef did that Mick's real fear may be getting hurt himself. How well they both know him and how much they obviously both care for him.

Mick calling Josef "bud" when asking him to turn him back. That tear!!! Wow. The very obvious strong feelings they have for each other, the care Josef took with him. I have heard people criticize Jason as an actor (although I don't agree)... but this scene should show everyone that he too is capable of nuance. I think you could see the fear he had that maybe this one would go the same way as "Sleeping Beauty" and not work out "come on Mick, Rise and Shine". Also, his face behind Mick when Mick sits up and is turned... you have to believe Josef wanted Mick back as a Vamp, you can see it in his face. In the earlier scene, the way he switched from the usual "cheeky" Josef "everything is about sex" to the look when Mick admits he loves Beth and Josef is remembering what it is like to love a human.

The kiss was terrific, the rooftop scene amazing, but lets be honest, the hottest scene in the ep was the Josef/Mick turning scene. No wonder they were so hyped about it after the shoot.

The whole show fantastic... it is obvious that Mick realizes there are advantages to being a Vamp and that he may appreciate it more now he knows he can do the good stuff he wants to do better with those powers.

Moonlight is back and its GREAT!!!! Lets all remember to thank CBS... at least as often as we pestered them dyring the hiatus.

Thanks as always Kandye for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing I can add to Lyn's comment except, I AGREE, you are so right! In fifty years of watching plays, movies and television, I have never seen anything as stunning and affecting as the turning scene with Mick and Josef. Wow!

AliJ said...

Hi - have tried to watch this on the CBS website but it will not work - not sure if it is because I am in the UK. Please can someone clever post it on YouTube. We are at ep 10 here but have watch 11 and 12 on Youtube already and am dying for ep 13. Living tv which airs the show here has not confirmed it will run the last 4 episodes- help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great site - addicted - visit most days!!!!!!!!!!!

AliJ said...


Help can someone post the new episode on youtube as I cannot access it on the CBS website- not sure why it could be because i am in the UK. We are up to ep 10 but I have watched 11 and 12 on youtube.

great site - check it out most days - addicted to Moonlight!!

Anonymous said...


You can download all the Moonlight episodes, including this last one (13) from Amazon. Go to Amazon and search under their "Unbox videos." They cost $1.99 (American dollars) per episode. I have all 13 episodes and will download the last 3 the day after they air. Of course, I don't know if being in the UK will present a problem for you, but it is definitely worth it if you can. The quality of the video is great!