Saturday, April 26, 2008

Video ~ MickBeth's rooftop date and kiss in Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13)

This video is of Fated to Pretend's (episode #1x13) incredible final scene. Mick St John and Beth Turner's amazingly romantic rooftop picnic date and kiss! I still can't believe she left.... he would have had to kick me out *grin* The song used is Lucky by Bif Naked.


Deborah said...

OMG, What a romantic & moving scene!! I have watched this video numerous times. It brought tears of joy in my eyes. This scene was absolutely magical and precious. So glad to see Mick finally took the initiative to kiss Beth passionately. Even though Mick didn't tell Beth that he truly loves her, but I am sure Beth knows now that Mick will give their relationship a thought & that he will always protect her from harm. No other show can do ending scene like Moonlight.

Thanks so much for posting this video. Now, I can watch it over & over again to savor the special moments between Mick & Beth.

Anonymous said...

Yes,this is an incredible scene!! Especially the moment: after Beth left Mick alone on the looftop, and Mick jumped onto the pole,,, he really looked like a wild animal
his behavior was felines/reptiles/birds,,,,I loved it!
Please Beth don't torture him! He is suffering so much already!