Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Moonlight promo video created by Italian fans

Italian Version

English Version

The marvelous fans from Moonlight The Italian Cure have created a Moonlight promo video for the April 25th return of new episodes. One vid.... two versions.... Italian and English. The song they used is Rising Empire by Immediate Music. Enjoy them both!


evah said...

The Italians really know how to put passion into their videos.

It left me with lump in my throat & tears in my eyes.

eccezionale Italianos

cobby said...


What a treat and me being of Italian descent (3rd generation). Ahhhhh, love that's all we care about. AND HE'S SOOOOOO HOT!!

The music, the crecendo....WOW!!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!!!That's one heck of a video. Absolutely amazing!!! I got chills up and down my spine. The music was brilliant. You can feel so much passion and love in this video. Now if CBS would take a hint and make one like this. Honestly someone should email this to the head honchos and see how it's done. If the want to get more viewers they would have to show something like this. If I was a newbie believe me it would certainly catch my attention.

Take a hit CBS!!!!!

I'm also of Italian background. I must say Italians have alot of passion.

Anonymous said...

That's the best promotional video I've ever seen! CBS should hire the individual who created this.