Monday, April 7, 2008

Matt Roush upbeat about Moonlight's chances of being renewed

A great Aussie fan wrote to TV Guide's Matt Roush to ask his opinion about Moonlight being renewed for a 2nd season. Like us, he thinks CBS realizes what an opportunity they have on their hands.... "especially this star Alex O'Loughlin." Amen!

Question :

I was really bored, so I decided to finally give Moonlight a try. I was instantly hooked and watched all 12 episodes in one day. I love the fact that, unlike Angel, this show is sticking with vampires as the only "unnatural" element and everything else is relatively normal. Do you have any scoop or news on a Season 2 pickup? — Allie, Australia

Matt Roush :

I think it's safe to say that the performance of Moonlight when it returns with new episodes on April 25 will have a direct bearing on CBS's decision to renew it, which may not be made official until the network upfront on May 14. I'm more concerned with all of the backstage disarray, with producers coming and going behind the scenes. If CBS has any worries about its creative direction, that could be even more problematic than its Friday night ratings. I don't know why I'm so upbeat on this show's chances — it's not like I'm a superfan — but I find it hard to believe that CBS doesn't know what a cult sensation it's sitting on with this show and especially with this star (Alex O'Loughlin).


allie from Australia! said...

Yay, that was my comment! Matt's response was promising, but I'm trying not to believe anything about a season 2 pick up until we hear it directly from the network because I don't want to get my hopes up. What am I saying, they are going to be dashed either way if there is no pick up! Fingers crossed.

p.s. great blog!

Anonymous said...

Moonlight is the only show that I wait with baited breath to watch. I am a Lost fan, and 24, but nothing compares to Moonlight. If it doesn't renew that will be a sad day. There truly is a cult following with the whole vampire story line, just look success of the Stephanie Meyer trilogy on Vampires set in modern day America. Please please renew it!