Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Moonlight Friday! TV Guide spotlights our show

It's Moonlight Friday! New Moonlight Friday, I should say. Can't believe it has finally arrived. We made it here together..... thank you :)

TV Guide is spotlighting our show on their main page today. They created a funny feature to help newbies ~

Moonlight Secrets Revealed
Ten things you need to know about CBS' sexy vampire drama

1. Immortally-Mortal? Vampires are immortal, but they can be killed. A stake in the heart will only paralyze a vampire but fire, decapitation, or breaking a vampire’s neck will kill them.

2. Perks of the Job: Vampires have increased strength, speed, healing, and senses — their sense of smell allows them to identify the scent of other vampires.

3. Quick Snacks: A Trip to the Store: Vampires need blood to survive, however most vampires live normal everyday lives and buy their blood from private sources (blood banks, hospitals, morgues). The majority of vampires do not feed on humans.

4. SPF 500 Recommended: Vampires can be in sunlight, but the longer they are exposed, the weaker they become, eventually resulting in death.

5. True Love Is Hard to Find: It is very rare for a vampire to turn someone into a vampire. A human is only turned for some special reason, such as love. However, the transformation can fail and result in death or a coma for the human.

6. Family by Marriage: Mick’s wife, Coraline (Shannon Sossamon), turned him into a vampire against his will in 1952 at the age of 30. In doing so she also made Mick a member of her family’s royal vampire bloodline.

7. Back Before He Made It: Mick may be considered young for a vampire, but he has already lived an eventful life – including fighting in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

8. I Know You from Somewhere… 23 years ago Mick saved Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) from Coraline. Now Beth works with Mick to solve both vampire and human crimes alike.

9. Friends in High Places: Mick’s best friend is Josef (Jason Dohring), a 400-year-old vampire billionaire playboy who’s always there to give Mick advice, or the keys to his Ferrari.

10. Those Fleeting Moments: The Cure is a secret compound that can temporarily turn a vampire back into a human. Mick recently took The Cure, causing both he and Beth to contemplate the future of their relationship.

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