Thursday, April 24, 2008

SPOILER ~ New promo photos for Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15)


Alex O'Loughlin in uniform as flashback Mick St John! I can practically hear the *thudding* already ;> CBS released these new spoiler promo photos for Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15).

We've been discussing all the possibilities for this episode..... like Mick going to his best friend's house to inform the wife of the friend's death in a WWII battle. In one of the photos, you can see the hand of someone else still sitting in the backseat of the taxi cab. The Army chaplin? Another possibility everyone has been speculating about is Mick "comforting" the wife and ending up with a mystery child. That is thanks to a comment that Alex made.

Sooooo many ways this story could go. We knew our writers were fantastic, but they are going all out with these four new episodes! I am torn cuz I can not wait to see them, and yet I also don't want to get to the last one.

As always, click on the images above for bigger versions of the photographs.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!*THUD* I've died and gone to heaven. Those pictures are absolutely amazing. Alex/Mick looks so dashing in uniform. *SWOON*

Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see this episode.

NYMoonlighter said...

So here's my question: If Mick "may have a child" about the same age as he is, wouldn't that make the child a child of the mid-70's? Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

OMG! He is soooo fine!

Anonymous said...

Just observing from the pics since they are in uniform that this may be some clues about the episode (a bit of a military buff here):

- The two pictures on the porch have to occur later in the flashback storyline. Mick is wearing two ribbons in the pictures (l-r: American Campaign Medal, Purple Heart). He would have only received the Purple Heart after being in combat and being wounded. (Incidentally, the ribbons are out of order since the Purple Heart is higher precedence). The other two photos only show the one ribbon.

- Since the one shot in front of the taxi shows the duffel bags in the cab and the uniform has only one ribbon, it is probably a photo from a scene where he is shipping out and saying goodbye to someone. I am guessing that the person in the cab might be the friend referred to in the episode description.

- The porch shots also show a Gold Star banner in the window of the house. The star banners were, and are, a way for families to show they have a loved one in the armed forces serving abroad. A blue star show service, while a gold star, unfortunately, shows that the person was killed.

- In the shots on the porch, Mick is holding a different hat (cover in military jargon) than in the other two shots. This shows we're looking at shots from two different scenes that occur at different times in a flashback sequence of events.

My guess is that Mick goes back to see the friend's family after he is killed. I'm also guessing that Mick was probably wounded in the same action that resulted in his friends death. Since Mick was a medic (admitted in another episode and he has caduceus emblems on his lapels), he may have been trying to save his friend and was unable to and feels guilty about it.

That's my two cents and guesses. Hopefully if they have a good wardrobe person and a good prop person on the show, they paid some attention to details like this in the uniforms and the star flag, if not, I might be TOTALLY off. As an added bit of info, TV shows and movies can't depict a non-military member in a military uniform correctly so there is usually something wrong on the uniform. Easily done is putting ribbons and medals in the wrong order, as shown in the shots with two ribbons. The pictures of Mick also show two with US emblems and caduceus emblems on his lapels and two with just the caduceus. Sorry for the ramble, I tend to pick apart uniform inaccuracies just for the sake of figuring out what's wrong, but in this case I think we may have some clues about what has happened in Mick's past.

Regardless, I love the shots of Mick in uniform. Anyone else for some more of these flashbacks?? :)